1 : relating come or involving tasks in which people spend time talking to each various other or doing enjoyable things with each other She has actually poor/good social skills. The vacation resort hosted a the majority of social events. See more ExamplesShe has a busy/hectic society life. <=she spends a many time doing points with her friends, going to parties, etc.> i joined the society to boost my social life. He"s a society drinker. <=he only drinks alcohol at parties and other social occasions> social drinkingHide

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2 : liking to be with and talk to world : happy to it is in with world He"s no feeling really social <=sociable> this evening. She sister is much more social than she is.
3 : of or relating to civilization or society in general social establishments like marriage and also family Health care is a significant social issue. See much more ExamplesChild abuse has become a significant social problem. Young name Luther King, Jr., fought for social change/reform.Hide
2a : marked through or pass in pleasant companionship through friends or associates an energetic social life
3 : of or relating to human society, the interaction of the individual and also the group, or the welfare of human beings as members of society social organizations
4a : tending to kind cooperative and interdependent relationships v others babies can become social beings just through interaction with others.— Gerald R. Leslie and Sheila K. Korman
b : living and also breeding in an ext or less organized neighborhoods especially because that the functions of cooperation and also mutual advantage : not solitary that the canid family, the wolf is just one of the many social species, due to the fact that it is a fill hunter.— Michael W. Fox The evolutionary theory of kin an option requires the social pets recognize their relatives so that altruistic behavior can be displayed preferentially toward kin. — Science — see likewise social insect
5a : of, relating to, or based upon rank or status in a particular society a member of our social set

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Synonyms: Adjective

clubbable extroverted

Antonyms: Adjective

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Adjective She has poor social skills. The vacation resort hosted a lot of social events. ns joined the society to boost my social life. her sister is much more social 보다 she is. social establishments like marriage and family Health treatment is a significant social issue. son abuse has end up being a severe social problem. boy name Luther King, Jr., battled for social change. Most human beings are social beings. Noun The club has actually socials every month. He"s living on the social now.
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Recent instances on the Web: Adjective The August disappearance of Gabby Petito, a social-media influencer posting she cross-country adventures ~ above YouTube, drew national attention. — Sean P. Means, The Salt Lake Tribune, 27 Dec. 2021 His daughters’ social-media photos later showed trips on personal jets to foreign countries. — Anchorage daily News, 27 Dec. 2021 blackstone griddles have end up being popular ~ above social-media communication such as TikTok and also Instagram, helping journey awareness because that the that company brand, chief Executive i get it Dahle said. — Amrith Ramkumar, WSJ, 23 Dec. 2021 The film has actually sparked ongoing social-media controversy over the adult character’s connection with a child, as well as for that is gags involving a White restaurateur and his Japanese wives the some doubters have called insensitive and also racist. — Washington Post, 22 Dec. 2021 Nineteen century after Valentinus and also other early mystics an initial began preaching, Gnosticism is prospering as the native belief system of the social-media-era internet. — Max Read, Vulture, 22 Dec. 2021 but in this film, the revolve of the century’s crushing inertia has progressed into the infinite din of the social-media age. — David Sims, The Atlantic, 21 Dec. 2021 for this reason ignore any kind of email or social-media call purporting to it is in from a movie or TV star. — Tribune News Service, oregonlive, 19 Dec. 2021 so ignore any type of email or social-media call purporting to it is in from a movie or TV star. — Los Angeles Times, 17 Dec. 2021 Recent examples on the Web: Noun The supplication is part of the latest version of the party’s social-spending and climate bill that could pass as shortly as next week. — Richard Rubin, WSJ, 10 Nov. 2021 numerous digital activities—from find to social to shopping to live events —could take location inside of gamings in the coming years. — Tim Higgins, WSJ, 2 Oct. 2021 Yubo is a society media the understands what social really means. — Jamie Cohen, Forbes, 8 Apr. 2021 An ice cream cream social was planned because that Tuesday in new Windsor, and also another is planned because that Union bridge on Thursday native 6:30 come 8 p.m. In the fire department’s parking lot. — mary Grace Keller, baltimoresun.com/maryland/carroll, 19 Aug. 2020 From ice cream socials to neighborhood scavenger hunts and lemonade stands, 2020 summer activities may look at a lot choose those of her youth. — Eliza Mackintosh, CNN, 26 might 2020 however there are Zoom ice cream cream socials, and also Zoom team dry-land workouts—and, as the Anchorage coaches learned, the little exuberance the glimpsing a friendly confront in the following lane. — National Geographic, 22 might 2020 speaking of TikTok, the trending socials platform isn’t simply for her cool nephew to obsess over for hrs everday. — Matt wake up | Mwake
al.com, al, 1 may 2020 In brand-new Hampshire, meantime, the Sanders campaign is leaning ~ above Ben & jerry’s co-founders Ben Cohen and also Jerry Greenfield, that will host ice cream socials across the state. — Ryan Teague Beckwith, Bloomberg.com, 29 Apr. 2020

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14th century, in the meaning defined at feeling 1


1857, in the meaning defined above

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middle English, native Latin socialis, native socius companion, ally, associate; akin to Old English secg man, companion, Latin sequi to follow — more at sue

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The very first known usage of social was in the 14th century

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