How execute You Roll? it is the concern Austin, TX brother Yeun and Peter Yung will certainly ask the Sharks in illustration 418. The brothers key the Sharks top top their cultivation franchise chain that custom-made sushi. The brothers prospered up functioning in your parent’s restaurant and also when they finished high school, Yeun went off to college while Peter pursued a career as a chef. Yeun was working the 9-5 routine and also he lamented come Peter the he can not find any decent, but quick, sushi choices for lunch. They chose to start exactly how Do friend Roll, a restaurant where the client designs their very own sushi rolls indigenous a wide range of new ingredients and wraps. The brothers likewise offer “non-traditional” ingredient at exactly how Do You role so folks who don’t favor raw fish can acquire in ~ above the sushi experience. As an included convenience, girlfriend can call or order digital so your tradition sushi is “ready to roll” as soon as you pop in to choose it up. How Do You roll is a franchise opportunity, through fifteen areas in Texas, Arizona, California, phibìc Carolina, and also Florida.

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How carry out You roll in the Shark Tank

Brothers Yeun and Peter Yung involved the Shark Tank in episode 416 in really hopes of landing an investment of $1 million in return for 12% that the company. The brothers explain that their episode restaurant allows visitors to customize their sushi, i m sorry is made fresh. They likewise offer “featured rolls.” The pair began with one restaurant in Austin, Texas. Currently, 15 stores room open, and also 40 franchises have been sold.Kevin O’Leary desires to know around cash flow. Yeun defines that the copy, group is making, ~ above royalties native the franchises alone, $250,000 a year. The corporate store is making an mean of $1 million in sales a year. Every franchise expenses $250-300,000, and also the aristocracy for a franchisee is 7% a year.Mark Cuban doesn’t want to it is in “in the sushi business.” he’s out. Kevin O’Leary to trust the organization is “very fine managed,” and he’s interested, however believes that the valuation is high. Yeun describes that they’ve had actually an offer to purchase 75% the the compay for $6.6 million.Daymond john believes the “margin is going come be also low” ~ above the sales that sushi. He’s out. Robert Herjavec “can’t recognize this specific food model,” and also doesn’t believe he can assist the business, so he is out. Barbara Corcoran thinks the presentation is “a tiny too buttoned up.” she out.Kevin O’Leary makes an offer. He is willing to invest $1 million, yet he wants 22% of the business, with a percentage of the franchise royalties dispersed to the partners- the brothers and himself. Yeun asks if he’ll come under to 15%. O’Leary is willing to come fifty percent way, conference them in ~ 20% because that his $1 million investment.The pair accept the offer, partnering v Mr. Wonderful.

How execute You role Shark Tank Update

In spite of Barbara Corcoran’s warning that they’ve “made a deal with the devil,” the pair room excited at the prospect of partnering with O’Leary. ~ a few months the negotiations, however, the deal dropped apart choose a poorly-rolled sushi.

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The brothers and O’Leary weren’t able to with an commitment on several points, and O’Leary eventually withdrew his offer.In 2015, the males sold the end to a exclusive restaurant group. Together of August, 2021, it appears they space out that business.

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