More 보다 100 “” of various states helped with rescue and damage evaluate at City Center, Xochimilco and also Morelos.

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The group started the work of rescue and also damage assessment, then went back to the region with support for the victims.

21 facets were sent to the area the ​​Kathmandu to support the rescue efforts for the 7.8 earthquake the left hundreds of victims in the region.

Search of victim in the Children"s Hospital the Cuajimalpa after the explode of a gas pipe, testimonial of tunnels inside v the assist of dogs.

Search for lacking persons and also placement the zip lines because that the populace affected by the landslide in La Pintada through the cyclone Manuel.

Search work-related with hydraulic and electrical tools in the B2 building of Pemex by an explosion that left 33 people dead.
Search because that victims after ~ collapse the left several people missing in the Mixe area in Santa María Tlahuitoltepec.
Search v dogs, rescues, prehospital treatment including births and also shoring structures in the municipality the Carrefour.
We do search, rescue, prehospital care, assessment and shoring of damaged frameworks in Padang.
Get trained.There has actually never to be a much more opportune and also impressive to offer those who require your preparation time.

We use dogs v an unique training for build their searching an abilities and rescue.

Every week there is a basic practice to learn the use of ours materials and also each trainer has an responsibility to proceed it in ~ home.

This means the dog and its owner therefore they have the right to join to devoted teams in detecting human being trapped in collapsed structures together a duo in instances of natural tragedies or emergencies.

Recommended races are those of tool size so the they have the right to be easily carried by their handler, however not too small so castle can additionally climb end rubble. Some instances are Labradors or Shepherd dogs.

There should be consistent training, preferably starting from puppies v all their cares and also vaccines to be ready before an emergency including support in other countries.



On September 19, 1985, significant the beginning of a brand-new era for Mexico City. In ~ 7:19 A.M. Clocks stopped as a result of a major earthquake 8.1 Richter scale, i beg your pardon surprised the capital. Part were beginning labours, others were preparing to acquire up and many, fortunately for them, to be still asleep and didn’t have actually time to realize what was happening around.

It took less than 2 minutes for the earthquake to left a city in ruins without anyone imagine the catastrophe that resulted in its path. The awakening was so ache for many Mexicans that will never forget the day, the tragic silence, the odor of death, the blank stares and ambulance sirens in your crazy rush, confusing the civilization of this an excellent metropolis, which all of a sudden to be devastated.

Nobody could think their eyes!


The variety of victims to be countless, it to be never feasible to specify an actual figure.

As a result of the earthquake that devastated Mexico City top top 19 September 1985, that was developed a group of volunteers who operated jointly in the search operations and rescue of victims, which people started naming "". In February 1986 it to be legally made up as the Rescue Brigade Tlatelolco A.C.

In 2015, marked 30 years due to the fact that the tragedy and the development of a volunteer team that has chose that the finest teaching this sad event left us, is prevention and the promoting of a real culture in terms of civil protection.


In Mexico City us will have no more than 200 ingredient prepared, and also is needed to be prepared forming ar emergency committees, so that everyone has a family plan, the each human worry around their safety and has a well arranged participation.

In-Kind Donation.

If you execute not have actually a minimum amount of money, you deserve to still support us in various other ways:

Require lightweight tool such together strings, picks, shovels, hammers, axes and also saws, stretchers and also medical equipment; to job-related in collapsed structures and access to victims.We work-related with canine devices trained to locate people and also require dried food.

According the legislations of Mexico, a donation should have a probative document the value of the donation obtained in kind, type of payment, and where the resource with i beg your pardon the acquisition was made came from.


We execute not obtain dogs in donations, because each Topo works v its own dog together a binomial.

We execute botting in the streets, public squares, airports or disaster areas. Do no let yourself be surprised!


We are Brigada de Rescate Tlaltelolco, A.C., a private non-profit integrated by volunteer who administer rescue services, support and also assistance come anyone who is in fragile situation.

We are a light tools rapid solution multidisciplinary team, trained to meet national and international catastrophes such together earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, air and rail accidents, explosions and urban and forest fires . Our actions start when the government capacity is exceeded.

We space a team of very first response able to keep a state of continuous readiness because that rapid international deployment and conduct worldwide USAR operations and in ours country, ensuring the appropriate conduct the his team members and also conducting tactical work in accordance v the Guidelines and Methodology INSARAG.

We stick to the complying with objectives:Integrate a rescue group for immediate solution to disaster relief.Support civilization in delicate state in catastrophe situations.

Our legacy is incorporated through donations, registration, sponsor or contributions from legitimate character and economic nature.

International Recognition

We are known amongst the rescuers the the world that cooperate with the Office because that the Coordination of Humanitarian to work of the joined Nations system (OCHA) and the teams that work-related according come the protocols the Search and also Rescue in broke down Structures.

We are part of the Rescue International assistance League (RIAL), well-known as certified rescuers by the federal government of Mexico City, member the the Committee Handlers Search and Rescue dog of the commonwealth District and also collaborators with United Firefighters without Borders.

In 2004 the Brigade was well-known by the president of the united Mexican states for the job-related done in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

In 2010 the Squad received the Medal of Merit that the the supervisory board for citizen Participation the the chamber of Deputies for the work-related done in Haiti.

Our work and professionalism is re-recognized by the authorities that the different countries where the squad has participated when requesting our aid to help its influenced population.

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But the biggest recognition is indigenous the populace of Mexico and in every part of the world, whereby we are pleased to be invited after ours work.

Organization Chart

CommitteePresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurerSocial communication DirectorateSocial and cultural DirectorateSupply DirectorateHealth DirectorateServices DirectorateLegal DirectotateTroopRescuers (BREC, Alpine, K9)ParamedicsMedical PostArchitectural EngineersSpecialized Psychological care in article Traumatic anxiety Disorder