"This all happens in the middle of winter." What"s the meaning of "all" in this sentence?

The above is a part of a synopsis of "Fargo" movie.And I"ve heard a lot "it all happened...", "this all happened..."

And I"ve searched some dictionaries about "all". Then I guessed that in here "all" is "adverb" and means "completely" That"s because its location is before verb in the sentence.

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But I still cannot fully understand the above sentence meaning. Could you help me understand the meaning of "all" in here please?


It may mean: All of these happen in the middle of winter. I think it's a good idea that you provide more context.
"All" is a predeterminer used to refer to the whole quantity or thing. The sentence is no different from "all (of) this happens in the middle of winter".

This phenomenon is called quantifier float and addressed in Payne (2010).


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