Hours of Operation:Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM–4:00 PMFirst Thursday the every month 9:00 AM-7:00 PMClients are seen based on caseworker availability and time allowance.Clients wishing to accessibility the HNS Boutique are urged to come at an early stage in the day. For example, because of unforeseen number of client on any kind of given day, clients showing up later 보다 2:45 on M-W and also 3:45 on Th might not it is in given accessibility to the Boutique.Emergency services and straightforward NeedsHouse that Neighborly company provides life-sustaining emergency and an easy needs.All solutions are thought about on a case by situation basis and also eligibility is determined by HNS guidelines and also based on ease of access of funds and also resources. Food baskets-a week’s it is provided of groceries based upon family dimension Prescription aid *Clothing-clean and seasonal clothing and shoes, bedding, tiny household items and also toys/books for youngsters Utility assistance Gas vouchers and bus tokens for conformable medical or task related appointments vacation programs Education: Financial, Parenting, CookingPlease lug the following papers on your very first visit to develop your household file: present Proof of Address-an main item that has been mailed come you in ~ the last 30 days; , a rental receipt or a energy bill make good address proof documents. Remember it need to be date within the past 30 days. (Junk letter is not considered valid proof.) existing Proof of Income-pay stubs for the past 30 days, an award letter from SS or SSI/SSD, if others room helping you salary your prices an affidavit of income aid will be REQUIRED and also VERIFIED, all of these are good proof documents and will must be provided for each functioning adult in the household. Social security Cards or birth Certificates for each person in your Household. Individuals may no be included to the household record without documentation. A picture ID is forced for all adult receiving services.. *Every 6 months an evaluation and also update is carried out to see just how our services have actually helped and to seek ways to increase self-reliance. On this visits, HNS staff will certainly ask to see every one of the documents noted on the very first visit.

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This process will also ensure the all members detailed on the family members record room still residing in the household. .

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