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Welcome to warm Expectations Balloon Company……making memories at 1,000 feet.


Hot expectations Balloon company is Kansas City’s premier hot air balloon ride business giving you an intimate balloon drive adventure of a lifetime!

$300.00 per person.

Make a marital relationship proposal her loved one will never ever forget.

Celebrate a birthday




Fulfill a bucket list……..

or simply have a scenic warm air balloon ride for no one-of-a-kind occasion but a lasting memory. We deserve to make your dreams come true.

 We are a family members owned, locally operated business and also have been offering intimate balloon rides for two passengers in Kansas City, Overland Park and also Olathe for 39 years. Sign up with us with our professionally licensed and also experienced balloon pilots to take you across the good states that Kansas and Missouri.

Please refer to our Passenger Rides web page for an ext information and prices.

Contact united state at 913-897-1030 come reserve her day or purchase a gift certificate.

Call today. You’ll it is in one action closer to achieving a storage of a lifetime.

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Hot expectations Balloon Company

Olathe, KS 66062

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Video native The good Forest Park Balloon Race 

The great Forest Park Balloon Race

Flight from woodland Park, September 2010.

Posted by warm Expectations Balloon firm on Thursday, April 5, 2012

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