In order to continue any further against the Eclipse, you’re walking to need to take under their emphasis network. Thankfully, Sylens uncovered out the place of wherein this might be, which is in the southwest edge of the map. Quick travel come Meridian village and take the southwestern exit, following the trail come the west and also ignoring any side courses until you occur upon a campfire at a fork. Head northwest to another campfire and if you go northwest indigenous here, you will certainly be met through a gigantic rock wall, so exactly how are you claimed to acquire to the top.

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If girlfriend did any type of exploring come the north, climate you can have a campfire or two accessible for fast travel. However, the other way is come channel the soul of Nathan Drake and climb your method to the top. Native the previous campfire friend discovered, monitor the route northwest specifically to be lugged to part handholds. This is a fairly long rise and around halfway up, you will certainly discover another campfire, however you won’t have the ability to fast take trip to it because of how close girlfriend are. Cross the leg to the west and continue on that course until you come to one more fork in the road.


The climb to the optimal is a lengthy one (left). There’s a vendor right outside of the Eclipse camp (right).

One route goes northwest, when the other continues straight west, which is the one you want to take. You can discover Metal Flower - mark III (G) along the path, therefore snatch it and also keep going together the course curves come the southwest. Together you approach the next fork, Sylens will contact you and say you’re obtaining close, and mention part handholds on a rock wall ahead. Somehow, there’s a vendor near the fork, offering to certain no one out in the center of nowhere. Save going southwest and you’ll ultimately arrive in ~ the handholds Sylens mentioned. Rise them approximately a ledge v a campfire and also despite her insatiable desire to explore past the crevice, you have to listen come Sylens and also rest in ~ the campfire in order to continue.

Infiltrating the Eclipse Base¶

After a small conversation through Sylens, head on v the crevice and use your emphasis to spot part corrupted makers ahead. There will certainly be 4 Redeye Watchers, and also two Longlegs. Luckily because that you, there’s quite a many tall grass roughly to hide in, so use that to your benefit in transferring some quiet Strikes come the machines. That course, that only works top top the Watchers, as the Longlegs have a bit too much wellness to death instantly. A an excellent triple shot v precision arrows come its concussion sacs will certainly deal some vast damage and also soften them enough to end up them off with various other attacks.

Where the more of the 2 Longlegs to be patrolling are much more handholds that allow you to with a ledge to delve deeper into this base. Unfortunately, the area beyond is riddled with Corrupted Scrappers. Friend will desire to be careful roughly these, together they have a radar that deserve to uncover her position, even if you’re hiding in high grass. That course, if your cover is blown, climate a few good shots come the Scrappers’ weak clues will placed them under for good… or a shock arrowhead to the power cell top top its behind.

More handholds can be found on the the contrary end, leading you to an area through some Eclipse soldiers. Aloy will instantly drop down into some high grass, so use this possibility to mark all of the enemies, noting a single elite on opposing end. Use your Lure contact to gain the enemy right in former of you closer, climate stealth death him. If the various other guard patrolling the instant area look at his body, quickly jump out and also kill him; otherwise, Lure speak to is your best friend to acquire him closer to her cover. There will be an additional enemy come the east that might have unable to do unnoticed in her initial move of the area.


Of course, headshots v precision arrows will job-related wonders below as you take him out, and the rather on and throughout the bridge. As soon as you gain close enough to the elite, nock a triple shot and let your arrows fly…right right into his skull. There are a huge number of Audio Datapoints right here - Wife , Without Pity , Chosen the the Sun , Meridian’s Fall , Itamen Coddled , and Prophecy . Method the leaf of this area to receive a notice to push the tree, giving you a footing i m sorry to overcome the gap. Follow the course to discover the derelict Tallneck that Sylens has been advertise you to uncover all this time.

Escaping the Eclipse Base¶

Now, over there is a ladder on one side and a ramp top top the other; the ladder leads to a dead end, so take it the ramp. When you with the top, there will be a cutscene that will bring out the end of the Tallneck and also have you to run for your life. Together Sylens kindly point out out, you must keep running and not look back at all. The first couple of bits space the hardest, specifically with a Deathbringer shooting on you. You’ll likely acquire hit a few times, so store a finger on any potions you may have, and the medicine pouch.

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The factor why the first bit is tough is due to the fact that you should climb along some ledges to assist in your escape. This way you’ll be a sit duck and also hopefully girlfriend don’t take it enough damage to die. When you gain past this section, though, things will it is in a little bit easier, together you’ll only have to contend with Eclipse soldiers. Hear to Sylens’ advice and just store running, together there are means too many to fight. Her goal, if you deserve to remember amongst all of this chaos, is the leg Sylens pointed out earlier. So, store running and once you with the bridge, obtain to the middle to uncover a rappel point, happen an end to this quest.