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You are watching: Hora, mimi ga mieteru yo!

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This anime is around an adult fall in love through a minor. The art style is really cute and the characters are unique, I'll offer it that, but every other facet of this anime provided me a headache. Ns was way too pissed about someone in their early on to mid 20s fallout’s in love with a 16 year old to even remotely enjoy anything outside of the art. There isn't that lot of a story anyway. This totality thing is about a cat boy living v someone that's means too old to be in love with him. Please don't support pedophilia. It's incredibly wrong and also disgusting. Go uncover some other romance anime.
ns reccomend you watch both series.This and also its sequal series is a happy display for happy people. An easy as that. Friend can't possibly miss the allegory here. But I think you need both series to acquire the full effect. It's choose a family members friendly, all periods hand the end from the Center. Other to help your toddler understand you and also your friend. Or perhaps for you and your friend after a session of pet names and baby talk.It's sad some need to lug up issues. Reminds me of the joke around two males kissing one of them jumping up and also yelling "No Homo!"... Or was that a joke? Pardon me... Snuggle time for me and my cat boy. :-)Chiao Miao

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The story is about a young guy who has actually to attend to a cat boy who just kind of shows up and also starts living v him. The plot seems to be totally incidental- every event exists just to prompt much more cute moments- but due to the fact that of the brief episode size (about 3 minute each) the doesn't really matter. The characters- mangaka Da Shu and his brand-new roommate, felinoid twink Miao, aren't precisely 3 dimensional jump-out-of-the-screen characters, however they're tho entertaining to watch, and also there is a massive moe aspect to Miao- I just want to hug him! The art style is also very fun, simplistic, and easy come watch.One significant issue I have actually with the show, however, is the period difference and strange dynamic in between Da Shu and Miao. Da Shu seems to be practically a caretaker to Miao, together if Miao is his housecat and also not his roommate, which just rubs me the wrong means personally, specifically considering this is a BL anime. Also, I'm no sure just how old Da Shu is supposed to it is in (I'd assumption: v early-to-mid twenties) yet Miao is 16. It's mostly an individual taste, but romances wherein one personality is underage and also the various other is one adult really aren't my cup that tea, no matter what the legislations are in Asia. Overall, this is a cute, fun, reasonably wholesome BL v a lot of common BL tropes. However be warned- it's for this reason syrupy sweet that you can overload ~