It seems like there is a never-ending present of brand-new and old swindling tricks being played come cheat human being out of their money. In numerous cases, these are Christians that earnestly believe they are giving to a great cause. In various other cases, castle are just being swindled. A brand-new swindling is now upon us and it’s a robot-call native “Saint Mary’s Prayer facility Ministry”, and they room literally asking for girlfriend to salary them come to pray for you.

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The robo-call start out prefer this:

“Hello. This is St. Mary’s Prayer center Ministry calling this particular day to view if you need urgent prayer. If girlfriend would choose to have actually someone indigenous our facility pray because that you, please press 1. If you would certainly no much longer like to hear native us, please push 3.”

It is tough to know just how long this scam has been walk on, yet the Texsas standard has currently reported a good deal about the outfit. The info was detailed by Michael Marks, who did the digging into this contact scam. Below is few of his testimony around dealing through this group.

Then, i got another call.

The battle is over! The struggle is over in her finances, in your household, even in your body, even in your relationship. The struggle – every setback, is about to turn into a setup!

After around seven minutes of this, the recording got down to business.

I want you currently to step out with that seed, representing the shall come to pass. That $47 seed, that $147, that $30 seed including the 47 cents…. Please organize as I attach you to mine blessed, prayerful operator now.

A call facility operator who stated she was from the Philippines asked how much I’d choose to donate. I gave $1.47. My idea to be to check out the organization’s name display up on my bank statement come get much more information, yet that setup failed. It showed up as a PayPal transaction.

But i didn’t have to look to tough to discover out who made the call. It came from Manasseh Jordan Ministries, an company based in new York and also run by a male who calls himself Prophet Manasseh Jordan. He has tons the videos ~ above YouTube – a young guy, spicy dresser – that his preachings and also healings.

I reached out to Manasseh Jordan Ministries for comment on this story. They didn’t return any of mine calls or emails. However I’m no the only person getting these calls. Not by a lengthy shot. Dozens of people have sued the team over the calls. Each case has either worked out out the court and sealed or is quiet pending.

Sam Meyler, a consumer advocacy lawyer v an office in Austin, represents around 75 clients who space suing Manasseh Jordan Ministries. Most of his clients are from Texas.

(Source: Texas Standard)

To hear an ext about the story from Texas Standard investigation by listening to the soundcloud clip below.

As it transforms out, Manasseh Jordan is not a closet hoaxster. He runs an elaborate network of advertising tentacles the end on the internet. There space youtube videos, shops come buy his merch, and toll totally free numbers to call and get “free prophecies.” He additionally has a generic opencart purchase portal whereby he is offering a non-existent publication for $1.01, a miniature ark for $100, and a few teachings for various amounts. The website is additionally full of broken links, absent content, and also poorly cobbled together code.

View what now?


Now, if you room envisioning a young man preaching God’s word and also doing the ideal he can to reach the shed then you are picturing the dorn person. Manasseh is a young many that enjoys the finer points in life. If you get a call from this scammer simply ask yourself if this guy needs to take any more money that can be going to a genuine ministry.


Who is Manasseh Jordan?

Before us dig right into this character, his actual name is actually Yakim Manasseh Jordan, legally. In 2017 the FCC authorize a quote in relation to his robo-calls. In the documents he is provided as only Yakim Jordan:

Yakim Jordan – a/k/a Manasseh Jordan, ProphetManasseh Jordan, Prophet M Jordan, YakimManasseh Robert Jordan, Yakim Manasseh Jordan,Wakim Jordan

The quote goes on to perform the legal concerns with Yakim’s service practices.

Specifically, the Manasseh Jordan next violated provisions the theCommunications action of 1934, as amended (Communications action or Act) and also the Commission’s rules(collectively, Rules) that regulate calls made to wireless phones utilizing automatic call dialingsystems (autodialers) or an fabricated or prerecorded voice. We therefore direct the Manasseh JordanParties come take prompt steps come comply with section 227 that the Act, the call ConsumerProtection plot (TCPA), ar 64.1200 of the Rules, and also FCC orders, i beg your pardon prohibit making autodialedor prerecorded article calls to any kind of wireless phone uneven the calls are made for emergency purposes, tocollect a debt to the commonwealth government, or through the front express consent that the referred to as party. If theManasseh Jordan parties fail to comply with these laws, they might be responsible for significant penalties.

Yakim Manasseh Jordan is a young guy that runs roughly with males like Benny Hinn and a slew of various other fake healers. If you ever wondered what kind of “healer” Benny Hinn was, you only have to look as much as that he keeps company with. Every one of these TBN preachers are the same. If lock were’t climate they would be policing their very own community.

He is a common prosperity preacher and also he desire YOU to tree a confidence seed (your money) in his garden (wallet). Choose the other fake preachers and also healers, Manasseh has actually zero education and learning or training however he’s qualified due to the fact that he was “taught by the divine Spirit”. Apparently his televangelist friends have not teach him just how to achieve a fake level yet. Nevertheless, according to his website, he to be destined because that greatness.

Once affectionately referred to as the “Young Prophet” by peers and congregations nationwide, now ideal known as Prophet Manasseh Jordan began ministering at the tender period of eight and also carries through him the quintessence of hope, healing and also restoration the is bestowed upon the lives of those he touches.

Over the next several years, that knew then that God had a lot BIGGER plan for his life. For this reason he went through extensive and intensive cultivate under the leadership of the holy Spirit, for the express function of expertise the prophetic office and ministry. This training has permitted him to move in the kingdom of precise prophetic ministry.

Manasseh Jordan military Outfit

If girlfriend look in ~ his facebook web page you will certainly also an alert the typical “prophetic” military/regal clothing that looks favor it was practice tailored for him. Taking a page out of the Benny Hinn play book on his dress.

The facebook web page is complete of what shows up to be steal quote images with his cheap logo and user handle pasted over top. It’s clear that these were no made by the or his ministry due to the fact that all the contents they produce is an extremely cheap looking and contain basically no scripture. Whatever this company does is hastily made and covered in mistakes. For example, top top the around tab that the facebook web page the kind of ministry was noted as “public toilet”. I son you not.

Manasseh Jordan public Toilet

But wherein is the money coming from then? that would appear from these cheat robot-calls and likely native ministry “partners” who donate money come the ministry on a monthly basis. His website (the component that’s preserved up-to-date) defines how you can partner v his set ….. Monetarily that course. They have no usage for canned foods, blankets, or shoes because that the homeless. They just need her cold hard cash to reach people. And what do ministry partners obtain for their generous donations? A bunch of totally free stuff. Wait…. How is it free if they simply paid for it? It have to be over my prophetic understanding.

At this urgent time us must bring Jesus come perishing souls as it declares in Romans 6:23. Please examine one of the box below and also partner v us in poignant lives.


I to be committing $30 a month or an ext ($1 a day!) to end up being a Silver partner and help Prophet Manasseh spread out the Gospel.

By committing friend will obtain a complimentary subscription come Prophet Manasseh’s teachings ~ above the prophetic anointing.Daily prophetic and also inspirational devotionals through emails.Constant monthly video clip updates top top the to adjust progression.Priority seating in ~ Prophet Manasseh Events.Free accessibility to Prophet Manasseh’s manuscripts.


I to be committing $50 a month or more to become a Gold companion and aid Prophet Manasseh spread the Gospel.

By committing girlfriend will obtain a free subscription to Prophet Manasseh’s teachings on the prophetic anointing.Daily prophetic and also inspirational devotionals v emails.Constant monthly video updates on the set progression.Priority seating at Prophet Manasseh Events.Free access to Prophet Manasseh’s manuscripts.


I am committing come $100 a month or much more to end up being a Platinum companion and aid Prophet Manasseh spread the Gospel.

By committing friend will obtain a free subscription come Prophet Manasseh’s teachings on the prophetic anointing.Daily prophetic and also inspirational devotionals v emails.Constant monthly to update on the ministry development through webcast videos.


I to be committing $500+ a month or much more to become a Diamond companion and aid Prophet Manasseh spread out the Gospel.

By committing girlfriend will get a cost-free subscription to Prophet Manasseh’s teachings top top the prophetic anointing.Daily prophetic and also inspirational devotionals v emails.Constant monthly video updates on the ministry progression.Priority seating in ~ Prophet Manasseh Events.FREE accessibility to Prophet Manasseh’s manuscripts.FREE accessibility to Prophet Manasseh monthly prophecy conference call (Advised: The prophet will certainly be in prayer as he seeks the mr for a prophetic native for your life).Access come a LIVE prophetic phone speak to with the Prophet.Access to the entire ministries product because that FREE.

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Now, if someone want to call the prophet without a monthly payment, there room a few options. His various sites offer out lot of addresses and numbers so i will simply list the 2 that are supplied the most. The an initial address is no actually a actual office location. It’s a virtual office ran through Davinci Virtual. It’s usually outsourced office services. Maybe the creators that the cheap spring website? It’s difficult to tell due to the fact that the address came native the “privacy policy” ar of the site. The facebook page and the resource code the the to buy portal mirrors the second address.