Who room the world called Hoosiers? What are their stories? 2 centuries ago, on the Indiana frontier, castle were inhabitants who produced a means of life lock passed to later generations. They concerned value individual freedom and distrusted government, even as lock demanded that government remove Indians, offer them land, and bring democracy. Under to the present, Hoosiers have actually remained wary of federal government power and have taken care to safety their tax dollars and their personal independence. However the people of Indiana have always accommodated change, exchanging log cabins and also spinning wheels for railroads, cities, and factories in the 19th century, automobiles, suburbs, and foreign investment in the 20th. The present has brought brand-new issues and also challenges, together Indiana"s citizens respond to a rapidly an altering world. James H. Madison"s sparkling new history tells the stories of this Hoosiers, giving an invigorating watch of one of America"s distinctive states and the long and fascinating journey of its people.

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Introduction: Hoosiers1. Place and People prior to the Americans2. The American nation and the West, 1776-18003. Indigenous a are to a State, 1800-18164. Top top the Indiana Frontier5. The Evolving Pioneer Economy6. Pioneers and a much better Life7. Pioneer Government and Politics8. The polite War involves Indiana9. Brand-new Ways to do a Living, 1850-192010. A Hoosier Community, 1850-192011. The Indiana method of Politics, 1873-192012. Flappers and also Klansmen difficulty Traditions: The 1920s13. Depression and also War test Hoosiers, 1929-194514. Hoosier Traditions and also the Winds that Change15. Government, Politics, and the People16. Some Thoughts top top Twenty-First-Century HoosiersFurther ReadingIndex

James H. Madison is the Thomas and also Kathryn müller Professor of background Emeritus, Indiana university Bloomington. His publications include Eli Lilly: A Life, 1885-1977; Slinging Doughnuts because that the Boys: an American mrs in civilization War II (IUP, 2007); The Indiana Way: A State history (IUP, 1986); and also A Lynching in the Heartland: Race and Memory in America. Madison offer on the plank of Indiana Humanities and the Indiana Historical society and is a member the the Indiana Bicentennial Commission. He started teaching Indiana background in 1976 and also has lectured and consulted extensively on Indiana topics.

wide mosaic that Indiana identity . . . While some pieces might not be pretty, nearly all of them room intriguing in your complexity. And also for forebears as with reading, we"ll take intriguing over pretty any kind of day. ~Indianapolis Monthly Hoosiers an engaging, valuable interpretation the one state"s history that deserves attention from scholars and also the public. ~Journal that American history Comprehensive and also engagingly written, Hoosiers is the best one-volume background of the state. ~Nicole Etcheson, Alexander M. Bracken Professor that History, round State university
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