In the post brand's first national effort in 3 years, "Make a Bunch Happen" has happiness "hacks" on social and tie-ups v radio present hosts.

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Honey Bunches that Oats exit a video clip as part of its "Make a Bunch Happen" campaign. The picture was retrieved native its video clip on Oct. 21, 2021.

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After a mrs starts her day v a key of breakfast cereal, she has actually the oomph come make every little thing she touch a little bit better, a new Honey Bunches that Oats advertisement shows. Her steps down the street change the dull pavement v pops of glowing color, and a man"s dog suddenly turns into a trio of pups after the woman"s simple wave.

In a fresh campaign launched top top Oct. 12, the write-up brand is reminding consumer that much like the contents of its grain blend — crispy flakes, crunchy clusters and also honey — each human adds a unique ingredient to the world. "Make a Bunch Happen" aims to demonstrate how love husband Bunches the Oats deserve to combat feelings of being "half empty" through encouraging people to bite themselves in order to positively impact others. The effort also signals how the brand is embracing mornings much more broadly, functioning to assist folks develop healthy habits to kickstart the work by fueling up at breakfast, reciting morning affirmations and carving out a few quiet minutes for "me time."

It"s the brand"s very first national project in 3 years, and also it come at a turning point for both love husband Bunches of Oats and also the world, according to troy Burrows, executive, management vice chairman of creative at agency Barkley.

"I think this idea of providing yourself something that provides you feeling good, that feels choose a treat, that puts you in the best head room to walk out right into the world and do all of the things — it"s something we wanted to skinny into," Burrows said. "We"ve been trying out this idea in regards to a balance in between moment and also momentum."

Embedding the brand into morning routines

Honey Bunches of Oats" campaign includes 2 15-second cuts from the complete anthem spot, which will run nationally for the foreseeable future on TV networks including ESPN, HGTV and Bravo. The integrated project spans digital networks as well, consisting of social video clip clips and posts on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok around "happiness hacks" and also morning "me time" affirmations.

Placing these encouraging messages on social platforms is a clever method to get human being to begin their work thinking around the article brand — and is a tactic Burrows says might counter "doom scrolling."

"It is about playing ago to world why they deserve the "me time,"" Burrows said. "Our grain in the key is this minute of feel good that"s walk to help you walk out and also seize the day and make a bunch happen."

Extending "Make a Bunch Happen" come radio, the campaign"s media buy consists of an iHeartRadio partnership through morning show personalities choose Danielle Monaro (Elvis Duran and also the Morning Show), Christine Nagy (Cubby and also Christine Mornings on 106.7 Lite FM) and Carolina Bermudez (Carolina with Greg T. In the Morning top top 103.5 KTU). As at an early stage risers, the radio display hosts will certainly share how Honey Bunches of Oats help them carry their ideal selves to your work and the world.

There is additionally potential for future installments relying on other marketing priorities and also how the campaign morphs in the year ahead, according to Brand Manager Kristin DeRock.

"This is a really uplifting campaign during a time as soon as we can all use some positivity," DeRock said. "It is simply a everyday reminder the each ingredient bring something distinct to the bunch. If friend think about how the translates into your very own life, when all of us carry something unique to the bunch and also to the world, that"s when we deserve to truly start to transform things and also move the world forward."

It"s the first work from love husband Bunches of Oats" partnership with Barkley, which landed the brand together a customer in so late 2020. The agency at the exact same time snap up 3 other write-up cereals, including Honeycomb, good Grains and also the Pebbles family of brands.

Evolving past product pushing

"Make a Bunch Happen" espouses a positive, upbeat ton in comparison with the typical ad this time last year. That sunnier the atmosphere aligns with past creative efforts by the brand, such together a 2018 campaign that featured a cameo native Diana Hunter, a retirement employee and frequent spokesperson in love husband Bunches that Oats ads. The "Rhymes v Delicious" press showcased human being in different settings breaking right into song, including a dad through twin daughters under a breakfast fort and a woman acquisition a rest from her desk job.

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Despite still focusing on love husband Bunches of Oats" location at the proverbial breakfast table, "Make a Bunch Happen" clues an advancement in the brand"s approach, changing gears indigenous 2018"s an ext product-oriented campaign, every Burrows.

"When girlfriend think around "Rhymes v Delicious," the was very selfish in how impressive the product to be from beginning to end," Burrows said. "What we feel choose we"re tapping right into this time is a little bit of what"s walking on inside the bowl and how that impacts you, but also pushing past what"s in the bowl and encouraging people to do an influence on the world."