One of the three songs made by MOTI separate from Undertale the Musical, this time bringing Temmie Village and also Tem Shop, through a small interruption from Mushroom Dance. (And… Read More 

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hOI!!!Welcom to...TEM VILLAGE!!!You feel... somethingYou're filled through detemmiecountry.Hoi! Hoi! Hoi! My name is Temmie!Come say HOI to all my friends!(Tem watch egg! Tem proud parent!Come visit Tem Shop, obtain finest deal!)Dats Temmie! Dat is likewise TemmieDown here, everybody is Tems!(Except Bob! Isn’t Bob Tem?Tem did not go to Cool leg to think hard!)I’m Bob. I’m BobI’m Bob. I’m Bob
(They didn’t pay me sufficient to come up through more lyricsHi. I’m Bob)Ignore Bob. He get weird sometimesIt okay though, Tem don’t mind(Except as soon as Tem allergies kick up! Tem allergic to Tem! Hoives!)Tem Flakes, Temmie’s favorite food!In shop, why not provide them a try?Mushroom interruption!Mushroom dance! Mushroom dance!Whatever before could it mean?It symbolises my inner torment, trapped right here by my hyphae. My battle to pull amethod, my struggle to escape. But alas, to no avail! If only I could watch the human being over. But even if the barrier was open up, exactly how would I leave?Uh.... Tem ago amethod progressively. Slowly... Now Tem sing fasterer!Hoi, it’s me! Ya it’s still Temmie!Temmie run Tem Shop!Temmie acquire money for Cool legEd You Kay Shun acquire Temmie on top!
Tem have actually several points for saleMostly Temmie FlakesYeah, we have actually armor but can’t really market it ideal currently. SorryTem is breaks!Tem learn about Tem history!Tem learn good, ya ya you see?You have shiny point in pocket!Give it to me P!Tem really require muns ideal nowNo desire student loan!Tem accept anything hereEven dog stuff and also bonePleacertain execute company through Temmie! Boi, cute hooman!
One of the 3 songs made by MOTI sepaprice from Undertale the Musical, this time bringing Temmie Village and also Tem Shop, through a little interruption from Mushroom Dance. (And honestly shame on MOTI for not doing it prior to.) Featuring Shyner_24 and her insanely high voice as Temmie, Gentlemale Walrus and also Alex Beckham as Bob, and also Yousif Najem as the Mushroom Man.


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