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"Hitler did Nothing Wrong" is a statement used for trolling objectives to deny the the action Adolf Hitler was responsible for during his reign were morally wrong. Over time the phrase become widely offered as a snowclone "X walk nothing wrong".

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Certain archives display that, ~ above 4chan, earliest articles saying that Hitler "did naught wrong" have the right to be dated ago to June 29th, 2011<2>. The full phrase though had been used because at least January 30st, 2012<1>, as soon as the No.377777777 GET write-up had consisted of the phrase.



On august 13th, 2012, an cotton 4chan user submitted a short article calling because that others to participate in the Dub the Dew contest and also vote the name “Hitler walk nothing wrong” among several rather to the height of the contest page.


The phrase had later spawned a snowclone "X did nothing wrong", which ended up being popular in discussions ~ above imageboards about characters in various forms of media, whereby it"s discussed about the morality of the actions do by them.




<1> archive.moe – more quickly archived article containing the phrase

<2> archive.moe – more quickly statement the Hitler walk nothing wrong

Roughly based upon the "Are Ya Winning, Son?" format, this two-panel comic has actually been trending throughout platforms.

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