A FORTNITE player has just set the record for the highest possible level achieved in the video game yet.

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YouTuber Rages Revenge fight the milestone this week, hitting level 1000 since starting Fortnite thing 2 Season 8.


RAGES REVENGE is the first player to with level 1,000 in FortniteCredit: RAGES REVENGE ~ above YOUTUBE

They're the very first Fortnite player to have actually reached the loft heights of the max battle Pass level.

The video game resets player level at the start of every season, so anyone is grind their means up together.

Season 8 has been criticised for bring stingy on the XP, v Epic gamings acknowledging the complaints.

There have actually been a few glitches in the game that have allowed players come make quicker progress however it's to be a slog.

So the success of hitting level 1000 is not to it is in sniffed at.

Unfortunately, it was a little bit of an anti-climax in regards to in-game rewards.

Perhaps epos didn't intend anyone to make it the far, yet an appropriate pat top top the head in the kind of a skin, emote, or something would've to be nice.

However, to mark the occasion, Rages is providing away 1000 V-Bucks on their Twitter account.


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Level 1000 to be presumed to it is in the level cap of the battle Pass yet it appears that Rages Revenge have the right to just store going.

Of course, the higher your level, the an ext XP required to fight the next one.

Just going indigenous level 999 to 1000 needs a whopping two million XP, so if Rages desires to see what lies beyond, they're in for a heck of a grind.

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