The Office: The 10 Cringiest moments In 'Scott's Tots' “Scott’s Tots” is a prime example of as soon as The Office thrust its cringe-humor to the max. These are few of the cringiest moments.

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throughout nine seasons, The Office had plenty of cringe humor. And for the many part, Office pan love the cringier episodes, since they play into the signature comic sensibility that the show. But for some fans, there space a couple of mirrors that overstep the mark with comedy that’s also cringeworthy to it is in enjoyable.

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Season 6’s “Scott’s Tots” is a prime instance of this. Part Office fans will also skip “Scott’s Tots” on rewatches that the series, due to the fact that they can not bear to clock Michael Scott crush the dreams of a classroom full of children. Below are the 10 cringiest moments from “Scott’s Tots.”

at the start of “Scott’s Tots,” Erin is sifting v Michael’s email inbox and also finds a message from a school about the Michael Scott Foundation. Stanley start laughing and also asks, “Has it really been 10 years?”

Then, he shows the camera crew a newspaper short article that he’s organized onto because that a decade around the promise the Michael made to a class of third-graders. Pam is horrified.

9 Michael Refuses To go In The Michael Gary Scott analysis Room

as soon as Michael come at the school, he is greeted by one of the youngsters he promised university tuition to. She wearing a t-shirt bearing the name “Scott’s Tots.” She gives him a quick tour that the hallways.

One the the rooms has actually a plaque next to the door marked, “The Michael Gary Scott reading Room.” The student invites Michael to take a watch around, but he can’t bear come look around a room called after him and refuses to go in.

The B-plot that “Scott’s Tots” is nowhere close to as cringeworthy as the A-plot, but it still has plenty the cringe humor, as Dwight cons Jim into accidentally naming himself together the Scranton branch’s employee that the month.

As quickly as the newly promoted co-manager is announced as the employee that the month and he’s forgive the staff’s cash indigenous Dwight’s whip-around, everyone is up in eight at Jim.

7 Scott’s Tots Applaud Michael

together Michael enters the classroom wherein Scott’s Tots are all eagerly awaiting his arrival, he’s greeted v cheers and also uproarious applause. This applause is excruciating come sit through, due to the fact that we understand that it’s unearned and also Michael no able come come v on his promise.

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To add insult to injury, all the children are wearing matching blue t-shirts with “Scott’s Tots” published on them. If the heaviness of the situation hasn’t set in by this point, this is when it really sets in.

as soon as Michael and Erin an initial arrive in Scott’s Tots’ classroom, lock each take it a seat amongst the kids. Your teacher tells Michael the they want to give thanks to him effectively for his generosity.

Then, several of the kids start drumming on their desks and perform a choreographed dance set to a theme track they composed for him: “Hey, Mr. Scott! Whatcha gonna do? / Whatcha gonna do? do our desires come true!”

5 Pam Is The new Employee that The Month

~ Jim unintentionally names himself the Scranton branch’s employee that the month, he states that there’s been a mistake and also they’ll just award it come the employee v the following highest number of points.

Andy check the chart and is infuriated to learn that the employee with the following highest variety of points is Jim’s wife, Pam, so the still seems prefer he desires the cash prize for himself.

before Michael is asked to speak to Scott’s Tots himself, a couple of of them was standing in former of their class to tell Michael around their ambitions, and also to say thanks to him for making their dreams a actual possibility.

As Michael hears about all the ambitions the he knows he needs to step on, since he can’t afford the tuition he promised to the kids, he bursts into tears.

3 Michael division The poor News come The Kids

~ hearing all the dreams that he knows he has to crush, Michael is invite to go up in prior of Scott’s Tots and speak to them. He takes the opportunity to break the bad news come them, and also does that in the worst way possible.

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He singles the end one kid and also tells him he can’t pay for his tuition. And then he adds, “...which brings me come my main point, and also that is the I will certainly not be able to pay because that anybody’s tuition. Ns so sorry.”

together a part of Dwight’s ploy to turn the office versus Jim by setup up an employee the the month program and making the look like he awarded it come himself, a cake is delivered.

It has actually a picture of Jim’s smiling confront on it v the caption, “It might only be you.” Angela reads out the caption with the kind of acidic fury just she deserve to pull off.

1 Michael supplies Laptop batteries To The Kids

After informing the kids that he can’t pay for your college tuition, Michael speak them the he can provide them other to help them with their college education. Because they need laptops to complete their university courses and laptops are useless without batteries, he has a suitcase full of laptop batteries to offer them.

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Naturally, the youngsters are furious that they’re being available laptop batteries in lieu of year of college tuition. In the challenge of their ire, Michael futilely make the efforts to conserve face: “Hold on! hold on! host on!...They’re lithium!”

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