Should be sung to typical Here Comes the Bride song.German composer Rictough Wagner created this song. The name of this song is "Bridal Chorus" though in English-speaking countries it is more commonly well-known as "Here Comes the Bride" or "Wedding March."Here comes the brideall dressed in whitewbelow is the groom?he"s in the altering roomwhy is he there?he lost his underwearcurrently it"s also latewe need to celebrate!_____________________________Anvarious other silly versionHere Comes the bride,all fat and also wide.Here comes the groom,skinney as a broom._____________________________One even more silly versionHere comes the bridefair, fat and wide,slipped on a banana peeland also went for a ride_____________________________A really funny version!Here comes the brideAll dressed in whiteWhere is the groomIn the toilet roomWbelow is the ringIn the toilet thing_____________________________Another Hilarious version!Here comes the BrideWbelow is the GroomDvery own on Second StreetIn a saloon._____________________________Anvarious other Funny version!Here comes the brideBig fat and wideSee exactly how she wobblesFrom side to side.Here comes the groomSkinny as a roomHe"d wobble tooIf he had any kind of room._____________________________Anvarious other one to tickle youHere comes the brideAll fat and also wideSteps right into a taxifalls out the other side._____________________________Quick VersionHere comes the brideBrief fat and wideLift up her girdleAnd phew she is curdle_____________________________Additional linebelow comes the usher,The grand toliet flusher_____________________________Geographic twist:Here comes the brideAll filled via prideTripped through a tranceI watch London, I check out France_____________________________Anvarious other versionHere comes the bride, very fat and wide.Where is the groom? In the dressing room?Why is he there? Due to the fact that he lost his hair!Why did he lose his hair? He dropped his underwear!​

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Here she comes on down the aisleBehind her veil she wears a smileIn her hands the bbest bouquetDaddy"s right here to give the bride awayBest man fumbles for the bandGroom puts it on her trembling handAlmany prior to the vows are throughIn her calmest voice she states, "I execute."Here comes the brideSomething oldHere comes the brideSomething newHere comes the brideSomepoint borrowedAnd somepoint blueShe hears the sound of little feetBut first there"s a wedding cake to eatGuests line approximately kiss the brideThe groom feels choose a lucky guyUp above the churchbells ringPreacher says which psalm to singTright here was silence "till a bride"s massist sighedAnd someone sassist, "Here comes the bride."Here comes the brideSomepoint oldHere comes the brideSomepoint newHere comes the brideSomething borrowedAnd something blue(You might now kiss the bride)The veil goes ago revealing blissThe groom leans in to take his kissHere comes the brideSomepoint oldHere comes the brideSomething newHere comes the brideSomething borrowedAnd somepoint blue...​

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