The song at #9 on my list of 100 Best Songs of the 2010s is “My Name is Human” by by American alternate rock band also Highly Suspect. Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and now based in Brooklyn, New York, the band created in 2009 as a three-item consisting of Johnny Stevens (guitar, lead vocals) and twin brothers Rich (bass, backing vocals) and Ryan Meyer (drums, backing vocals). A fourth member Matt Kofos (guitar, synthesizer, backing vocals) joined the band in 2019. “My Name is Human” was released in September 2016 in advancement of their superb second album The Boy Who Died Wolf, and peaked on the charts in beforehand 2017. It invested eight weeks at #1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, and also reached #20 on the Alteraboriginal chart.


The brilliant song is truly mind-blowing, featuring some of the many unusual instrumentals of any type of song on this list. The thunderous gravelly bass riff at the opening instantly sends out shivers dvery own my spine, then spooky guitars, crunchy percussion and piercing, otherworldly synths ensue together with Johnny Stevens’ intense, breathtaking vocals that go from coldly seductive to passionate wailing, including goosebumps to the ones currently spanning my body. The track is perfection from begin to finish.

The song’s surgenuine video was released in February 2017 on the Vanity Fair webwebsite, and also reflects a female robot, illustrated by actressChloe Bridges, being built by robots and also then given finishing touches by Stevens. It’s a little creepy, yet stylish and riveting. Stevens commented to Vanity Fair around the song’s meaning: “A lot of human being think the song is around being a humale. I believe some of us aren’t human at all. Or at leastern not completely, but that is still our name. At some allude in the last couple hundred years something adjusted.

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The androids, the aliens…They aren’t coming. We are here


I’m feeling the way that I’m feeling myselfFuck everyone elseGotta remember that nobody is much better than anyone else, here(Do you require some time to think it over?)Look what they do to youLook what they do to meMust be joking if you think that either one is cost-free, here

Get up off your knees, girlStand face to confront with your GodAnd find out what you are(Hello, my name is human)Hello, my name is humanAnd I came dvery own from the stars(Hello, my name is human)

I’m ready for love and I’m ready for warBut I’m ready for moreI know that nobody’s ever before been this fucking ready before, hey(Do you need some time to think it over?)So figure it out or don’t number it outI figured it outThe bigger the river (the bigger the river)The bigger the drought (the bigger the drought)

Get up off your knees, boyStand challenge to face with your GodAnd uncover out what you are(Hello, my name is human)Hello, my name is humanAnd I came dvery own from the stars(Hello, my name is human)

Fire people, I love youFire world

I’m up off my knees, girlI’m confront to confront with myselfAnd I understand that I am(Hello, my name is human)I stole the power from the sunI’m even more than just a man(No much longer disillusioned)

(I’m not asking questions)(‘Cause concerns have actually answers)(And I don’t desire answers)I came dvery own from the stars (so I’ll take my chances)(And what are the chances)(That I might advance)(On my own circumstances)(Said “what are the chances?”)Hello, my name is huguy (and what are the chances?)(I don’t want your answers)(I’m not asking questions)(So you store your answers)And I know who I am (so you store your answers)(I’m not asking questions)(I’m taking my chances)