25 years earlier today, one animated music hit theaters—and soon ended up being a beloved classic that sparked a franchise consisting of multiple feature-length sequels, a TV spinoff the ran for three seasons, and also oodles the merch.

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That movie… is The tiny Mermaid. Weird enough, though, the same description fits All Dogs walk to Heaven, Don Bluth’s lighthearted romp about a really bad dog and the little girl who teaches him just how to love. Aww. Other than All Dogs is also a horrifying phantasmagoria of murder, demons, drinking, gambling, hellfire, and blue eyeshadow. Sure, this is all type of par because that the course for Bluth; the previous Disney animator has actually a call for make movies the sktastecraftedmcd.com much darker than the ones do by his former studio. That said: In retrospect, it’s remarkable that All Dogs was (a) released right into theaters as is, (b) somehow taken into consideration a children’s movie, and also (c) transformed right into the kind of residential property that’s immortalized via kids Meal toys.

Sure, movies favor Watership Down can give the flick a operation for its money. But after rtastecraftedmcd.comatching All Dogs, ns feel pretty i was sure in saying that this is the most upsetting (ostensible) kids’ movie ever before made. Why? allow me count the ways.

1. The film opens up with our hero, Charlie B. Barkin—voiced by beloved children’s entertainment artist Burt Reynolds—tunneling out of “Death Row.” Is this the pound? Is that some sort of… dog… jail? It’s never explained, but either way: The film creates that Charlie to be thisclose to being executed before escaping his dark, dank prison.

2. As they’re digging, Charlie and his loyal sidekick Itchy accidentally open up a water key and almost drown.

3. As soon as they do do it the end of the tunnel—under a high fence topped with barbed wire—the guards at dog jail instantly start shooting in ~ Charlie and Itchy. Again, they just barely escape v their lives.

4. Charlie and also Itchy’s first stop? The dog casino Charlie co-owns with his partner, a mean-looking bulldog called Carface (which, what?). The main feature is a literal meaning rat gyeongju that pits mangy-looking rodents versus each other. Kids gotta learn around the thrill that the monitor at part point, right? Also, every dog in the ar is plainly drunk ~ above people-beer.

5. A Chihuahua goes to collect his winnings native betting top top the best rat; his compensation is a chunk of obviously expired meat.

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6. Amongst the patrons at the casino: a droopy-looking dog coded as, but never clearly revealed to be, a prostitute. Like every single female personality in the movie, dog and also human alike, she’s wearing bright blue eyeshadow. (Even the little girl Charlie will soon accomplish has it, though hers looks a little much more purple-y.)



7. Text from Charlie’s an initial big song: “I’ve checked out pain and also hurt/I’ve eaten dirt/It’s tough to buy, but even I’ve to be jilted by a skirt.” He is a dog.