Our books feature songs in the original languages, v translations into English. Numerous include beautiful illustrations, commentary by ordinary people, and also links to recordings, videos, and also sheet music. Your purchase will assist us keep our website online!

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A MAMA LISA special COLLECTION: approximately The world 5 publication Bundle

Over 1,000 Pages the Songs and Recipes, With links To Recordings

This bundle brings together five of Mama Lisa"s best-selling ebooks for a highly discounted price!All our song publications feature:• full text the each song in the initial language• English translations• many with sheet music• links to net pages with recordings and videos, countless by ordinary human being who have contributed them• comment from our correspondents around what the songs and rhymes have meant to your lives• IllustrationsThis highly discounted bundle has five the our best selling ebooks: Kid Songs roughly The World, Lullabies about The World, Christmas Carols about The World, Frère Jacques approximately The World, and also Cookies around The World.We hope these publications will aid foster a love of global children"s songs and also culture!THESE room DOWNLOADABLE EBOOKS easily accessible INSTANTLY.

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Kid Songs approximately The world - A Mama Lisa eBook

100 songs (350 Pages) v Sheet Music and also Links come Recordings

Whoever the children are in your life - your kids, your grandkids, her students, even yourself (in your heart) - child Songs roughly The civilization is a wonderful way to aid them experience various other languages and also cultures.We"ve gathered 100 of our favorite songs and also rhymes from all the continent of the globe. (Over 350 pages!)Each song contains the complete text in the original language, through an English translation, and most encompass sheet music. All include links to internet pages where you have the right to listen come recordings, listen the song or clock a video performance.

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Each consists of a beautiful illustration. Numerous have commentary sent out to united state by our correspondents that write about the background of the songs and what they"ve expected in their lives.We hope this book will help foster a love of global children"s songs!THIS IS A can be downloaded EBOOK easily accessible INSTANTLY.