The college of brand-new Mexico’s department of Otolaryngology—Head & Neck surgical procedure is committed to treating adult and also pediatric hearing loss and also conditions affecting the ear, nose, and also throat (ENT) and also head and neck cancer care. 

As professionals in otolaryngology medicine, we are proud come train the following generation of ENT specialists and also surgeons v our otolaryngology residency program. Our inhabitants undergo a challenging clinical practice and also research-based education emphasizing the strength of scientific initiative and compassionate patient care.

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Experts in Otolaryngology Treatment, Education, and also Research

In enhancement to making world-class ENT operation treatments obtainable to all, our otolaryngology professionals make significant contributions to the therapy of otolaryngology conditions through recurring scientific research.

Our emphasis areas and patient services include: 

General otolaryngology

Pediatric otolaryngology

Cochlear implant and rehabilitation

Nasal and also sinus disorders

Facial plastic surgery

Head and also neck cancer surgery

Head and also neck endocrine surgery

Skull base tumors


Speech, voice, and swallowing disorder correction

Specific surgical measures we administer and teach include: 



Cholesteatoma surgery

Cochlear implants

Baha implants

Gamma knife surgery

Aural atresia surgery

Robotic surgery

Total thyroidectomy

Central and also lateral neck dissection

Mediastinal dissection

Tracheal resection and reconstruction

Our skilled surgeons and also faculty work with a multidisciplinary team of specialists and healthcare providers throughout complementary techniques to provide—and train students come understand—the many holistic care feasible in the therapy of otolaryngologic disease.

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Join the best faculty and also surgeons in brand-new Mexico—and the nation—as one of our pick residents. You will have access to multidisciplinary scholastic medical expertise as girlfriend treat a diverse populace unlike any other in the U.S.

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