Here"s how to get the Blue Feather and get married in Harvest Moon: light of Hope for Switch, PS4, PC, and Android!

This page consists of a overview on exactly how to gain married in Harvest Moon: light of Hope.

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Married and build a family has constantly been among the main goals that Harvest Moon. Same as as soon as you play Harvest Moon: light of Hope. I don"t understand why, but maybe, over there is someone feeling lonely right now. Ns am just kidding, haha.

However, to get married in Harvest Moon: light of expect is no as easy as perfect the key storyline. Since it takes some requirements and materials that cannot be discovered in a brief time.


So probably it makes some football player confused. Due to the fact that of that, i hope this guide can aid you as soon as you want to get married in Harvest Moon: light of Hope.

Before we are going into a depths explanation, over there are couple of things you should know prior to you getting married.

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Harvest Moon irradiate of Hope: Bachelors and Bachelorettes

There are a few marriage candidates (5 males and also 5 females) for the computer version. You have actually 3 brand-new marriage candidateson PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

They have various characters and personalities. Here, I have actually also added the location and time the the heart and also confession event (based on mine experience).


1. Elise

Heart Events:

In former of your residence (morning/afternoon)On the Beach: west Area (in the afternoon, around 11:00 AM)Inside Bastian"s Restaurant (at noon, roughly 10:30 AM)

Confession event: In the Beacon city Plaza (at Night, 8:30 PM)

2. Jeanne

Heart Events:

Outside her house (afternoon)Inside her residence (afternoon/evening)In the hills (night)

Confession event: In the mountains (night)

3. Melanie

Heart Events:

Inside Gus"s Smithy (morning/afternoon)Inside Florist"s Shop, throughout the day once Dean inside.On the beach: west Area (in the afternoon, around 05:00 P.M)On the beach: east Area (afternoon)

Confession event: In prior of your house (at night, around 8:00 PM)

4. Michelle (DLC character)

Hearts events:

Beacon city plaza (afternoon)Mountain area (afternoon)Mountain area (afternoon)

Confession event:?

5. Nova

Heart Events:

Inside Bastian"s restaurant (afternoon)Inside Florist Shop (in the afternoon, roughly 12:30 PM)In the mountain, in former of her home (in the afternoon roughly 12:00 PM)

Confession event: in the hill (at night, approximately 9:30 PM)

6. Thabita

Heart Events:

Inside her house (night)Inside her residence (night)In former of she house, in ~ noon approximately 10:00 AM

Confession event:?

7. Soleil (female)

She is a special marriage candidate in Harvest Moon: light of Hope one-of-a-kind Edition.

Heart Events:

Triggered through walking the end of her house, in ~ anytimeTriggered in ~ home, at 6:00 PM, when walking into your houseTriggered in ~ home, at 7:00 PM, once walking right into your house

Confession event: motivated at home, in ~ 7:00 PM. As soon as walking into your house

Special thanks to Cody Miranda because that Soleil"s heart events above.


1. Cyril

Heart Events:

In the Beacon town Plaza (afternoon)In the mountains (afternoon)On the coast (at any kind of time)

Confession event: in her house, once you wake up up.

2. Dean

Hearth Events:

In former of the Florist shop (afternoon)In the hills (afternoon/evening)Inside Florist Shop (afternoon)

Confession event: top top your house (wake up)

3. Edmond

Heart Events:

In the Beacon town (at night, after 10.00 PM)In the Lighthouse skipping (in the afternoon, roughly 2:00 PM)In the Goddess feather (morning it spins night)

Confession event: In the mountain, once you departure the mine (at night, approximately 8:00 PM)

4. Gabriel

Heart Events:

In the mountains (afternoon)Inside Sofia"s Livestock, when Sofia is homeInside Sofia"s livestock (afternoon)

Confession event: top top your house (wake up)

5. Gareth

Heart Events:

In the hills (in the morning, around 8:00 AM)Inside his house (evening/night)Inside his residence (evening/night)

Confession event: In the Lighthouse overlook (afternoon)

6.Shirlock (DLC character)

Hearts events:

In the hills (morning)Underground enntrance gate (evening)On the coast (around 9am - 10am)

Confession event:?

7. Soleil (Male)

Heart events: exact same as the mrs version.

Marriage demands - Harvest Moon: irradiate of Hope

1. You have completed the key storyline

Once girlfriend have effectively placed the 5 rock tablets, restoring the lighthouse, and also save Beacon island, the main storyline would end. This storyline is fairly short because you can acquire it excellent in Summer or Fall, year 1.

2. The girl girlfriend love has actually 4 pink musical notes

Also consists of you should see the heart event at the very least 3 times and a confession step in bespeak to obtain 4 hearts.

To increase the friendship points ofsomeone you like, you deserve to do some of these tips:

Talk and give them a favourite gift every dayComplete 7-8 of your requestsInvite to the Festival (e.g. Fireworks on the Summer 25th)Win all Contests to boost your popularity

3. You have the assets from candy Animals

Great cotton Candy structure 5x and great Silky hair 5x. Good Cotton Candy uncovered from cotton Sheep, if the an excellent Silky Fur created by soft Donkey.

4. You should upgrade your residence for the 2nd time

You have the right to upgrade your home at Doc"s architects, the very first upgrade will certainly be accessible immediately ~ you repair Doc"s house. When the second upgrade (Giant house) will certainly be obtainable once you complete the key storyline.

5. You have the Blue Feather

How to acquire Blue Feather i will define below due to the fact that of the terms regarded each other.

Harvest Moon light of Hope: how to gain Married

Once the key storyline is finished, there will be some new things that space open, i.e. You have the right to buy candy animals at Sofia"s Livestock, teleportation, huge animal barn, and also a giant house at Doc"s Architect.

The very first thing you must do is update the pet Barn therefore you can raise an ext animals as much as 15. However if you have enough an are to purchase at least 4 brand-new animals, then you don"t must do this.

After that, you must buy Candy pets (Cotton Sheep and also Silky Donkey) in ~ Sofia"s Livestock and also took care of them really well, at the very least it produces noodle Candy Wool and Silky hair with great quality. This items will be supplied for further purposes.

After getting the items stated above, particularly good Cotton candy Wool 5x, upgrades your home for the 2nd time. Girlfriend will require 180000 G and materials prefer Great cotton Candy wool 5x, Hardwood timber 50x, and Adamantite 3x for this upgrade.

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Next, you have actually to get the confession event where among the marital relationship candidates confesses his/her love to you. In the event, he/she"ll say that he/she"s really choose you.