"Well... Do you think... Harry can have endured the attack?" Lily whispered hoarsely together she looked right into her husband's eyes.

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James was captured off guard together he stared blankly at his wife. "I'm sorry dear... Erm... What was that?" he asked together he tried come straighten self up. "For a moment there, I assumed you stated something about Harry." that didn't understand what carried this on. Did something happen earlier today? Ever due to the fact that August this year your son's name had been mentioned much more often.

Lily let her quill autumn on the desk and turned she chair around to challenge her husband fully. Her expression looked confused and also hurt. Two emotions the did no go also well as soon as it came to Lily. She cupped her challenge in she hands and let lock slide off then looked at James again. "I'm simply saying... What if he really made it through James? What then?"

James sighed and stood up. He overcome the room over to his wife's desk and also placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. Lily looked away from him and also fixed she gaze on she knees.

"Lils, you know we've been through this. Dumbledore stated so himself." James said, slowly rubbing circles on her shoulder utilizing his thumb. Lily quiet didn't look in ~ him.

"I don't believe a word from the old codger anymore." she stated quietly. "He's the factor why my son is dead." She took a deep shaky breath and turned her head gradually to her husband. "No matter what the says, we still can have conserved our boy, James. We can have remained at residence that night and..."

"And what Lily? dice at Voldemort's hand?"


"No, Lils... Friend can't."

"Yes. I should've passed away that night."

"No, Lils. Ns would've required you here. Please. At the very least you to be saved and you didn't die-"

"I'D fairly DIE by HIS HAND IF IT method THAT mine SON can BE SAVED!" Lily screamed in ~ him. "I should have stayed and also protected him that night James, dammit!" she buried her challenge in her hands and also drew one more shaky breath. "If... If ns could... If I can switch areas with my son, I'd... I'd carry out it. If it way that he'd have the ability to live in this human being longer and... And smile and also be happy and also laugh... Oh God, I miss out on him for this reason much..." and also clamped her hand to she mouth to stifle her sobs. A tear escaped from she eye and rolled under her cheek. James looked at she sadly and slowly raised his hand to wipe it away.

He knelt in prior of Lily and also tried clean everything away more of she tears the were now falling easily on her cheeks.

"Shh... It's not totally our fault." he said to her.

"I-It is" Lily responded through her tears.

"No. It's not... That wasn't ours fault."

Lily hiccoughed for a moment before regaining a bit of her composure and thought about what she husband had actually just said. The answer all of sudden dawned ~ above her. "You're right. It's no our fault. It's Dumbledore's and that rat and also that pitiful forgive of a... A creature, Voldemort!"

"W-What?" James asked, startled through his wife's epiphany.

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"It's your fault. Don't you see? we begged Dumbledore come let us go overseas so that we deserve to be much safer from Voldemort however did the listen? NO!" Lily stated angrily, stomping up and also down the stone floors. It seemed choose she was done crying and the part where she becomes really angry was just starting. "I should've dealt with for our appropriate to walk overseas! probably Harry could've been saved! however what walk Dumbledore do? he told us that we need to stay here and also hide! and also why go we pick that... The rat together our mystery Keeper, huh? We should never have actually switched! And... And also Voldemort... God, I dislike him therefore much! He eliminated MY baby BOY!" screamed Lily.