The dueling feature in Hogwarts mystery is, together of now, minimal to details events. The events are accessible for a limited amount the time, and also the object is to victory a certain amount of duels come unlock rewards in the form of gems, coins, energy, and/or exclusive garments or accessories.

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The specific shape the the dueling occasions seems to vary, we have seen events with one, two or three tickets, and versions where the ticket don’t replenish if you lose them, and also versions wherein they do replenish. If they replenish, that can take anything native a couple of hours come a work or so. If you shed all her tickets, girlfriend will see a timer the counts under to as soon as they have actually replenished. If there is no timer, your tickets will certainly not replenish.


Regardless of how numerous tickets you have, they serve the same purpose. Once you victory a duel, you retain her tickets, and also earn one suggest towards the rewards in the event, and also either energy or coins. As soon as you shed a duel, you shed one of her tickets.

This display screen is not what you desire to see.

In every events, girlfriend have had the option of using gems to buy an ext tickets. Gems room precious, and also you most likely want to conserve them for other things, so right here are a couple of methods to rise your opportunities of winning.

Dueling 101

It is no unreasonable to compare a duel come a video game of rock-paper-scissors. You can choose one of three stances–Aggressive, Sneaky and Defensive–where aggressive beats Sneaky, Sneaky to win Defensive, and Defensive to win Aggressive.

Choose her stance.

When you have actually picked a stance, that is revealed what your foe picked, and also either girlfriend win, girlfriend lose, or it’s a draw.

If you win, you gain to pick among the spells under a certain stance (see table below), and also trace the order on your display screen to actors it. If you fail the tracing, girlfriend are offered however numerous extra chances you require to gain it right.

If girlfriend lose, your adversary will instead acquire to actors one of the spells under their stance.

If friend draw, the one of you who has actually the least health and wellness will cure by 2 points.

Unbalanced stats

In the first few events, the dueling was fairly unbalanced. Your opponent would start out with 80 health, whereas you only had 40. This intended that her spells showed up to do less damages to your opponent, than theirs did come you.

This no longer appears to it is in the case, in the last pair of events, her health and also the opponent’s has been the same (40 for both the you).

Your adversary is, together of now, constantly AI (Artificial Intelligence). The avatar and also Facebook profile picture belongs come someone who plays the game, but a computer system is controlling them in the duel. They don’t always use the most reliable spell in their arsenal–indeed, they have actually been well-known to heal themselves when their health is currently full.

Your first opponent will have lower stats (attribute points) 보다 you, but the next foe will it is in closer to you in stats, and also soon you will be fighting adversaries with the very same stats together you.

Stats space important, as they can increase the impact your spells have. Every spell is linked with a details attribute (again, refer to the table below), and also for every extra point you have actually on the attribute, your spell will do 2 bonus damage. Therefore if your understanding is 12, and your opponent’s is 10, your Expelliarmus will do 4 extra damage.

My empathy: 22. Mine opponent’s: 21. Empathy bonus: 2

Bear in mind that if you are a low year but have high attributes, you will certainly be pitted against players with similar attributes as yourself. This method you may be fighting someone who is a year or two above you, and also who because of this has accessibility to a lot much better spells than you perform (for example Depulso). So if you have leveled increase your characteristics a lot, yet not progressed the story correspondingly, her duels will be an ext difficult.

How to success duels

With the basics out of the way, here are part tips and also tricks on just how you can win as plenty of duels together possible. Be affected by each other in mind the none of these strategies space 100% guaranteed, but they do increase your chances.

Finding the pattern

One method to win is to uncover which sample your adversary follows, and also counter it. There appears to be two different kinds the opponents, with different patterns to your dueling.

The Spammer

In her first couple of duels, your foe is likely to choose one view over and over again. The method to this adversary is rather easy. Once you have determined which view your foe is most most likely to use, just use whichever stance will certainly beat it. So if your foe is Aggressive most of the time, you deserve to pick protective and virtually always beat them.

The Cyclic Shifter

Your later adversaries will likely be trickier to find a pattern to, as they will certainly not just use one stance, but alternating between two or all of them. Even these opponents do have actually a pattern, however, and also if you can find it, friend can respond to it.

Spamming Aggressive

Note: part comments ~ above reddit show this is no longer effective. However, one more comment disagrees. Depulso does less damage, but it’s still a solid spell.

If you want an easier means to win, instead of make the efforts to discover a pattern, you have the right to take a page from the Spammer’s book. Specifically if girlfriend have accessibility to Depulso, this is a very effective means to win.


The strategy is simple: pick the aggressive stance, and also pick Depulso if girlfriend win. When you space around fifty percent your health, you might want to switch to protective to heal yourself. The Wiggenweld medicine is your best bet because that healing, together it promises 15 healing, vice versa, Episkey only guarantees 10, v a possibility of one extra 10.

The Aggressive view is likewise the best selection to make sure your foe has the least chance of doing damages to you. If your enemy wins v Defensive, there is a possibility they will heal themselves rather of hurting you. Or they will pick a order that will certainly hurt you, yet the defensive spells are much less efficient than the Aggressive and Sneaky ones.

Don’t be Sneaky

The most powerful spell, as of now, is Depulso, which deals 17 damage. Depulso is an aggressive spell, therefore if girlfriend play Sneaky and also lose, there is a danger that your opponent will fight you with Depulso. This go a an excellent deal of damage to you, so uneven you have determined your opponent’s pattern and are specific they will certainly not choose Aggressive, I recommend you to stay away from the Sneaky stance.

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The different dueling spells

For basic reference, here is a list of all the moves you learn in year 1-4, your effect and which attribute castle are connected with. Pick wisely.

Throw Vial110 DamageCourage
Expelliarmus110 DamageKnowledgeStun 1 turn
Incendio25 DamageCourageBurn 2 transforms (-10 each)
Depulso317 DamageEmpathy
Confringo45 DamageEmpathyStun 2 turns
Throw Vial110 DamageCourage
Rictusempra15 DamageEmpathyStun 1 turn
Flipendo315 DamageCourage
Immobulus410 DamageCourageStun 1 turn
Diffindo46 DamageKnowledgeBleed 8 transforms (-3 each)
Throw Vial110 DamageCourage
Wiggenweld Potion13 cure +Heal 2 transforms (+6 each)Knowledge
Episkey210 HealEmpathyHeal 2 transforms (+5 each)
Pertificus Totalus35 DamageKnowledgeStun 2 turns
Bombarda45 DamageCourageBurn 1-2 turns (-10 each) shock 1 turn

Credit to Nevac14 because that helping out with several of these tips, and also to Witches hold together for letting me borrow a picture!