Half Alive, the funk-thrust trio who erupted globally with ‘still feel.’ - currently sitting at 24 million views on YouTube - are here via their first album. The California-born band have actually noted their region as an It brand-new band also after just 3 years of being on the airwaves, and also they’ve sealed the resolve the feel-great Now, Not Yet.

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Anticipation has been a key factor to the success of Half Alive. Not only have actually they managed to release refreshing tunes throughout 2017 and also 18, but they’ve retained the hype in movement by releasing foot-stomping soulful tunes throughout 2019 also.

The album starts with ‘ok ok?’, which erupts in distorted, hefty electric guitar, then instantly halts, taking a fully different revolve and chiming through the sounds of clicking tongues and acapella voices. With the introductory song currently hailing a variety of genres and also amazing sounds, it’s a great begin and also homage to the band’s enduring flexibility.

An exciting yet unintended interlude comes in the develop of ‘the notion’, which offers us a glimpse into the more personal side of the album. It’s a 37-second clip of an unrecognized woman’s voice, talking about her surprising comfort at the fact that the civilization she is touring through have “confidence.”

Half Alive are recognized for incorporating feelings of stress and faith right into their lyrics, particularly the influence that religious beliefs deserve to have actually on a person’s wellness. Drummer Brett Kramer and Lead Singer Josh Taylor attended the exact same non-denominationwide church, which might explain some of their atmospheric lyrics and occasionally gospel-choose anthems.

Their titan hit ‘still feel.’ takes on a brand-new persona after the interlude – this as soon as feel-excellent, soulful anthem’s lyrics now seem to supply a deeper definition. Still the band’s finest song, ‘still feel.’ is addictive from begin to finish.

Another dynamic and also stand-out tune on this ever-transforming album is ‘TrusT’, which is filled through funk, lust and also passion – or so the melody provides it feel. It encapsulates Half Alive’s trial and error through the 1960’s and has actually an almost Pink Panther feel throughout. Mixing deep basslines, brass tools and also digital synth-piano, it’s a recipe for seduction.

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Despite the band’s clear love for natural sounds and also raw tools, they have properly included the electronic right into their critical talent and also classical tastes. Tright here is a cauldron of sounds here, each one spectacularly various from the other: layers upon layers of feel-good noises and also tracks complete of fruitful heart. Half Alive are the feel-excellent, political, soulful and musically-genius band also we didn’t know we’d been yearning for and Now, Not Yet proves it.