I know the verb "become" and came throughout "has become" yet haven"t seen "has became" in a sentence before.

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This is a current perfect tense however in dorn construction. The current perfect building is Has/have+past particple

I made this failure once, once I to be twelve. It"s due to the fact that typical verbs have actually same past and also past participle forms. But, become is an rarely often rare verb, became is past tense and also become is past participle.

We have a great source around perfect tense. You can want to read it here



become -> ended up being -> become

"to become" is irregular and the writer used the wrong. He had to use "become" due to the fact that it is the third type (past participle) which is needed.

Present Perfect (active): have/has + previous participle


The author should have written: It came to be or has actually become, if no one else talks around it then they can write had actually become. If discussions to be still underway climate maybe offered as a participle in itself, "Having come to be a topic discussion.."

Wrong, since it"s regarded the present, it"s no at part remote past time. What castle really desire to to speak is: 

Drug policy reform has likewise recently /lately come to be a subject of worldwide debate

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