Alright.We"ve talked about the $250,000 rewards ad nauseum, yet I just acquired this an alert yesterday, and it"s absolutely got me scratching mine head.Has anyone rather got any very details dollar lot rewards recently?I"ve received around ten $250,000 rewards, however I"ve never obtained some huge, details number like this.

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refund from?


"DUKE O" fatality & returning PLAYER content NOW obtainable TO ALL

Beginning today, the mayhem maker Duke O’ Death and a variety of items previously exclusive to returning players room now accessible for all players in GTA Online:

Marshall Monster Truck

Dodo Seaplane

Kraken Submarine

Imponte Dukes Car

Declasse Stallion Car

Blista Compact Car


Returning players who formerly purchased this items will be reimbursed for the purchases, simply log in and your reimbursement will be yielded to your Maze bank account in ~ the next week."

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Posted April 19, 2017


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You"re probably a return player (i.e you transferred from old gen to existing gen), and have bought returning player-exclusive vehicles such together the Kraken, Marshal, Dominator Racecar etc etc - these newly became totally free for return players, therefore Rockstar room reimbursing those purchases.

Hope that helped


Edit - didn"t reply easily enough haha

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Posted April 19, 2017



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Posted April 19, 2017

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