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Thinking the doing one more series, this time based on the classic tales collected by the brother Grimm. No the sanitised Disney version or the childrens Hans Christian Anderson, but the darker, lesser known tales.this very first trial occupational is based upon "The Nix in the Mill Pond". Image area roughly A4, Lana Hotpress file 300gsm. Staedtler Mars clutch and some Derwent Graphitint in ochre and indigo. A tiny steam punk thrown in. 3 days, off and also on.

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I"m not acquainted with this tale but I see what friend mean around it being dark. Not knowing the story though doesn"t protect against me from admiring this beautiful piece. Ns love the way the waves revolve up and come earlier over what looks choose a ship"s wheel come me. I also love the way you"ve supplied the blue to indicate water and to overview the viewer up and over the wheel and also down come the victim (or is the a severed head!).In mine mind, the story being told is the a drowned victim, presumably native a shipwreck, one of two people being conserved by this creature v webbed hand or perhaps being retrieved because that its supper. One of two people way, i wouldn"t desire to it is in in his/her place!!!
Hi Laurene,Thanks! It"s supposed to represent the water wheel the a Mill Pond, yet shipwreck works as well.You have the right to read a complete synopsis of the story here: ... _Mill-Pondand frankly, I constantly feel for the Nix, she to be robbed. Ns mean, she sponsor the Miller an excellent fortune yet what go she acquire out that it? The Son and wife at some point live happily ever after however the Nix stays alone.sux to be a fairy i guess...

What a good story Linda!!! not too sure I feel sorry for the Nix though.
I never read that before and also I"m a bit of a fairy tale nerd. Ns loved those publications when ns was young as lot for the illustrations i beg your pardon were additionally a tiny dark back then, as for the stories. Arthur Rackham was and still is a favourite. I also remember city hall Shelley Duvall"s Faerie tale Theatre, a TV series, a long time ago. If you ever before get a chance to see Jim Henson"s The Storyteller you"ll love it! The stories told are much like this in the sense that they"re no the people we"re all acquainted with and also they absolutely have a dark side. Don"t think muppets!!Bonus: Linda, girlfriend may have solved a secret that even Sherlock himself couldn"t solve. The story unfolded in Mke"s pond: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=128. What to be a frog and also a toad doing together in the very same pond? Well, in the tale of The Nixie that the Mill-Pond,