As part of an extensive job at job-related, I am going through various resourcesaround software design and assessing whether they will certainly be advantageous learningproduct for other staff at the lab. Therefore, this will hopefully be thefirst in a series of write-ups on handy software program design courses and also the prefer.

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First on my list was the Google Tech DevGuide, and also I had high hopes that itwould contain many valuable product on software advance offered theprestige of Google in this sector. Spoiler: it didn’t live as much as theexpectations.


Tbelow are many type of various “paths” easily accessible via the overview, and also I opted for theFoundations ofProgramming,complying with the “recommfinished sequence” therein.


Review of Course

Learning Objectives: Having been trained as a computational physicist, mysoftware application engineering skills exist but have actually been developed sporadically, as andas soon as I necessary them. I am looking to round out my proficiency in and awarenessof software application design good methods.

How would you evaluate your skill level in the product spanned by thecourse? Intermediate.

Was the course as well straightforward or as well difficult? The majority of the difficulties wererather easy. Not trivial, yet not helping me learn much new.

Was the course helpful to you? Yes and also no. For my stated learningmissions, it dropped brief of the mark. I have actually not got the general softwareengineering skills that I wanted. However, there were some importantfundamentals of computer system science that I was exposed to, mostly by thefirst difficulty of the course. E.g. Big-O notation, analysis of algorithms,greedy algorithms, profiling Python code, hash tables, binary search, and so on.

What did you like? The initially difficulty “Find longest word in dictionary that is a subsequence of a given string” on the surface appeared simple however hadsome nice lessons to be learned and also computer scientific research concepts underlying it.Well worth the effort to go via it, and there is still even more that I couldhave actually done. A separate leskid web links to a YouTube video on hash tables was a niceadvent to this basic information framework.

What did you not like? The majority of the course is solving codingdifficulties, and the ones I did were below my experience level and also rather simple. Iam all for finding out by doing, but this course lacked a structured tuitioncomponent. Moreover, some of the difficulties need Java, which is not a languageI am planning to learn or use in the prompt future. The resources on testingand debugging did not look excellent so I didn’t even bvarious other.

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How would certainly you rate the course overall? 6

Other comments? My declared finding out objectives were obviously misalignedthrough the content of the course, but even still, I think tbelow are betterdiscovering sources out tbelow than this one. It should also be provided I did abouta quarter of the content because of this.