Tbelow are some cases once you might want to select your entire record. For instance, you might desire to adjust the font of all the message in your document. To do this, you need to initially choose the whole record then change the font.

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3 Methods to select all in Google Doc

Using the Control + A (or Command + A) keyboard shortcutUsing your cursorChoosing the ‘Select All’ option from the ‘Edit’ menu

Also, save in mind that this post is intfinished for complete beginners. Hence, you can follow along also if you have never before provided Google Docs prior to.

With that arrival, let’s learn about the methods!

Method 1: Using the Control + A (or Command + A) keyboard shortcut

The first approach we will certainly be talking around is a key-board shortreduced. We would recommend that you usage this approach quite than the others to select the entire record. This is because this method is simpler and also faster than the others.

Below are the measures for this method.

Tip 1: Open your Google Docs record.

The initially step is to open the pertinent Google Docs record. To do this, kind docs.google.com in the search bar of your browser. This will open up the Google Docs homepage. To open your document, click a paper under ‘Recent documents’. Make sure that you are initially signed right into your Google account.

If you don’t already have actually a file you’d like to open, you have the right to produce a brand-new one. One means of producing a new document is to produce a blank document. To carry out this, ssuggest click the plus sign at the optimal of the screen. This will open up a brand-new tab via an empty record. Another means of creating a blank document is by inputting docs.brand-new in your browser’s search bar.

You can likewise select from the plenty of templates Google Docs uses. Tright here are templates easily accessible for everything from invoices to resumes. To have actually a look at the available templates, click the ‘Template Gallery’ button at the peak ideal corner. Select any kind of of the templates and start modifying them to create your record.


Tip 2: Press Control + A (or Command also + A for Mac users) to choose the whole doc.

Once you have actually your record open in front of you, it’s time to press the keyboard shortcut. If you’re utilizing Windows, just press Control + A. If you’re utilizing a Mac, push Command also + A. This will choose the whole document. You deserve to now edit the whole document yet you desire (e.g. altering the font size). You can additionally copy/cut the whole text.

Method 2: Using your cursor

The next approach requires using the cursor of your mouse or trackpad. This is a slightly less convenient technique than the previous one, plus it takes more time.

Tbelow are two methods you can use your cursor to select the whole record. First, just select the first word of the record then drag the cursor across the entire page.

Scond, area your cursor at the begin of the initially word. Then, scroll to the finish of your document (make sure that your cursor doesn’t move). Press Shift and click at the finish of your record.

Method 3: Choosing the ‘Select All’ option from the ‘Edit’ menu

The following method entails utilizing the Edit menu. This technique also takes more time and also effort than the first method (key-board shortcuts).

Below are the steps for this method.

Step 1: Click on the Edit tab.

The initially step is to click on the Edit tab at the optimal left edge of the display. This will open up the Edit menu.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Select All’ option.

Next off, click the ‘Select All’ choice which you will find towards the bottom of the menu. This will pick the entire record.



This brings us to the finish of the article! Here’s a brief recap of whatever we covered today.

Tbelow are three techniques you can usage to select the whole record in Google Docs. The first method is to usage the keyboard shortreduced Control + A (or Command + A if you have a Mac).

The second method you deserve to usage is to simply drag your cursor throughout the entire display screen. You have the right to also usage the Shift crucial to choose the entirety document.

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Lastly, you can go to the Edit tab and click on the ‘Select All’ option in the Edit menu.