This late-Victorian parlor desk lamp is a type popularly dubbed a “Gone through the Wind” lamp after the 1939 film.

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I inherited mine “Gone with the Wind” lamp from my aunt. I had actually the lamp revitalized two year ago. (The proprietor) called me ~ the reconstruction that the desk lamp is precious $2,500. However, he never saw the optimal globe, i beg your pardon I later on noticed go not complement the base. What deserve to you call me around the lamp and its value? — R.J.

It is a late-Victorian parlor lamp, a type popularly called a “Gone through the Wind” desk lamp after the 1939 film. Don’t bother searching for one in the movie — these lamps never ever made an illustration in “Gone v the Wind.” They to be popular between 1890 and 1910.

I don’t recognize what was restored, unless you average the burner to be repaired or you had it electrified. The worth quoted is fully unrealistic.

The height globe, which appears to be old, is from another lamp. The lamp and nonmatching shade space worth roughly $195. If it was a complete oil-burning lamp v a equivalent base and also shade, it would be worth about $350 come $375, less if electrified.

My father, a doctor, to be stationed in Greenland when he served with the U.S. Coast Guard during people War II. He returned with several ivory carvings that invested the following 60 year in my parents’ breakfront. The numbers stand 4 come 5 customs tall. What space they, and also what are they worth? — J.W.

They space Inuit walrus-ivory carvings. The Inuit people, once dubbed Eskimos, inhabit the Arctic parts of Greenland, Canada and also the U.S. Once your dad traded because that the carvings, the Canadian federal government was encouraging carving as a source of earnings for the Inuit.

Your numbers that present Inuit in lifelike poses date from the 1940s and are worth $50 come $100 each. However, if you have written documentation from your dad, including letters, photographs and also other ephemera, the repertoire as a whole is much an ext valuable.

If you decision to sell it, you’ll require the documentation. Ivory is a difficult sell today since of the plenty of restrictions on its sale. Some antiques dealers just won’t go near it. Antiques dealers in several says have had their piece seized and have been fined.

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Once again, workers believe they have found the 1887 time capsule that was placed under the Robert E. Lee pedestal, stated Michael Spence, the construction supervisor. 


Its contents were in surprisingly an excellent condition. Yet the photo of Abraham Lincoln wasn"t a rarely find.