Just before the bridge where you fulfill Brok because that the very first time (or whereby you discover a Mystic Gateway) you’ll watch a chain that you deserve to drop to access the area below. Follow this path to the end to discover the an initial Mask.

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Mask #2¶


Head to wherein Brok’s Shop is, just past the huge bridge and also head to wherein the tress space to the appropriate of him. There’s a small ledge you can drop down to find the corpse with the second Mask.

Mask #3¶


After you solve the puzzle that the spiked ceiling, rise up the ledge and as you method the exit, there’s a corpse through the Mask to her right.

Mask #4¶


From whereby you discovered Mask #3, head the end of the cave and after you restore control, continue walking toward the wall surface in front, the Mask is sitting close to a corpse.

Mask #5¶


Once you open up the runic door via the sand bowl, proceed into the cave beyond. You’ll with a fork, revolve left and climb the ledge to discover a pool with the Mask sitting there.


Head to the deserted village and look because that the just burning house in the area. Search about the back of the home to find an additional corpse with a Mask.

Mask #7¶

When you leaving the Witch’s home for the an initial time and also enter the key room whereby the Nightmares are, you have the right to drop down a ledge to the left. In this area is a dare you deserve to push into the water, developing a path to the Mask.

Mask #8¶

When you go back to the Witch’s cave later in her journey, you’ll have to climb up the fine to accessibility her Sanctuary. Native the leave of the well, head down the path and you’ll find the corpse at the end with the Mask.

Mask #9¶

When you go back to the Witch’s cave to deliver Mimir’s head come the Witch, you’ll uncover yourself in the sanctuary in former of the turtle. There’s a chain right here that you can climb, defeat the Draugrs and then check the corpse to find the last Mask.

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