Among other points, she recalls firts verses from Richard Crashaw"s poem, which she recited through Jamie. This poem will be aacquire in the spotlight in seakid 4, episode 6 (the blood of my blood) as soon as Jamie offers a new ring to Claire in which will be engraved a more than significant verse: Da mi basia

Without a doubt, Roger discovers an short article taken from a newspaper publiburned in 1765 in which appears this sentence: "For considering that the dawn of time, liberty and also whiscrucial are made to accommoday." As well as this various other sentence: "you, knight and also squires who recurrent our boroughs and also our counties" who are both drawn from this claim that was written in 1786, 21 after this edition.

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The fact that the publisher of this short article is Alexandre Malcolm, Jamie"s various other two first names, ends up convincing them.

The Roberts Burns verses from the longest postmanuscript of the lesser name PROTEST AND PRAYER OF THE AUTHOR TO THE REPRESENTATIVES OF SCOTLAND written in 1786 are standard in the story of Claire and Jamie, not so a lot for the top quality of the work-related, or even for what it represents from a pucount political suggest of see, but ssuggest bereason it is these few words that prove to Claire that Jamie made it through Culloden and also is therefore able to , twenty years later, to join him through time.



Dans un bois jaune deux chemins se séparaientEt désolé de ne pouvoir emprunter l’un et l’autreEt n’être qu’un voyageur longtemps je demeuraiEt suivis du regard autant que je pouvais

Le premier jusqu’au tournant sous les hêtres ;

Puis je pris le second, presqu’aussi tentantEt peut-être même plus recommandéParce que tout herbeux, à la marche invitant ;

Même si, pour dire vrai, les passants Les avaient tous deux pareillement usés

L’un et l’autre s’offraient au petit jourAvec leurs feuilles qu’aucun marcheur n’avait noircies

Je gardais le premier pour un autre parcours

Tout en sachant que de tour en détourJe ne repasserais probablement jamais ici

C’est en soupirant que je devrais l’avouer

Je ne sais où, il y a bien longtemps

Deux chemins dans un bois se séparaient J’ai pris des deux le moins fréquentéEt c’était sans doute le plus important.

Two roadways diverged in a yellow hardwood,And sorry I can not take a trip bothAnd be one traveler, long I stoodAnd looked dvery own one as much as I could

To wright here it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,And having actually possibly the better case,Due to the fact that it was grassy and also wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing thereHad worn them really about the very same,

And both that morning equally layIn leaves, no action had actually trodden black.

Oh, I kept the initially for an additional day!Yet knowing how means leads on to method,I doubted if I need to ever come earlier.

I shall be informing this via a sigh

Somewbelow eras and periods hence:

Two roadways diverged in a timber, and I—I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the distinction.

While they realize that having made the vow to return home, in the 20th century, the stones finally carried them back to Fraser Ridge in the 18th, Brianna and Roger, happy through this unmeant outcome evoke this route that they didn’t inevitably did not borrow and refer to the poem by Robert Frost.


The Roadway Not Taken
I have actually lived via war

J"ai survécu à la guerre et j"ai beaucoup perdu.

Je sais ce qui vaut, ou non, la peine de se battre

Honneur et le courage sont des points essentiels,

Pour lequel un homme peut tuer, mourir peut-être parfois.

La vie d’un homme émane de sa femme

Et kid honneur est sanctifié par boy sang

Pour l’amour seul, je traverserais encore le feu

While Claire has simply gone via hell, kidnapped, bconsumed and raped by Lionel Brown and also his henchguys ...While Jamie and his family members came to his rescue, mercilessly executing those who tortured this womale whom all love to their measure ...The civilization of Fraser Ridge are ultimately reunited.

A minute of calm, prior to the coming storm.

I have actually lived via battle and also lost a lot.

 I know what"s worth the fight, and also what is not.

Honor and also courage are matters of the bone,

and also what a guy will kill for, he will sometimes die for, as well.

A man"s life springs from his woman"s bones,

and in her blood is his honor christened.

For the sake of love alone, I would certainly walk through fire again

I have actually lived through battle

Diana Gabaldon

The bravest

As the storm rumbles in the distance, Jamie and also Claire gain this minute of calm and also peace that they both recognize is short-lived.The past was brutal, through Jamie"s snake bite and also Claire"s kidnapping and rape.As for the future, it looks bloody through the inevitable rdevelopment.Their courage is rooted in their knowledge and also it is an excellent time for Jamie to quote Thucydide, a renowned Greek historian, that we suspect has studied the works through interest.

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The bravest


But, the bravest are sucount those that have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and peril, and yet go out to accomplish it.