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"Give that All" is a song by American absent band rise Against. The was originally recorded for the 2004 compilation album Rock against Bush, Vol. 1, while a slightly transformed version appeared on the band"s 3rd studio album Siren song of the Counter culture later that year. It is a hardcore punk song, with tastecraftedmcd.com that are around "being a punk rocker in today"s world," according to lead vocalist Tim McIlrath. It was released as Siren song of the counter Culture"s first single in October 2004. in spite of receiving minimal coverage native music movie critics who the review Siren tune of the respond to Culture, "Give the All" has end up being one of climb Against"s many widely known songs, and also is attributed as the band"s breakthrough single. It has actually been featured ~ above multiple perform of the finest Rise against songs, and also peaked at number thirty-seven ~ above the Billboard alternate Songs chart. The accompanying music video has the band execute in a crowded subway car, when other human being travel transparent the city the Chicago vandalizing and defacing billboards and posters, with the intentionally of elevating social and political awareness.more »

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Break with the undertow,Your hands ns can"t seem come find,Pollution burns mine tongue,Cough the words i can"t speak so i stall myself again, climate I loss to the surface,Fill my lungs with air,Then let that outI offer it all,This is the reason that i sing,So give it all,Cause it"s these factors that belong to meRock bottoms where we live,And tho we dig these trenches,Bury ourselves in them,Backs break on the tensionFor far too long these voices,Muffled by distances,It"s time to concerned our senses,And from the darkWe offer it all,This is the factor why i sing,So provide it all,It"s these reasons that belong come meBreathe, the air us give,The life us live,Our voices raising distances,So as soon as my tongue,Break right into song,You grab a competition,So please think your eyes,Of sacrifice,Is no what we had in our minds,I"m coming home tonight, house tonightWe provide it all,This is the factor why ns sing,So offer it all,It"s these reasons that belong to meToday I sell myself up to this I"m living because that my dying wish,I provide it all,Now there"s a reason, there"s a reason,To provide it all

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Rise versus Rise versus is one American punk tape from Chicago, Illinois, created in December 1999.

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The band at this time consists that Tim McIlrath (lead vocals, rate guitar), Zach Blair (lead guitar, backing vocals), Joe Principe (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Brandon Barnes (drums, percussion). An ext »