THIS is the horrifying moment a dancer was nearly killed as soon as drunkenly attempting the iconic Dirty dance lift.

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Millie Slennett and also sister Rosie Slennett were completing to watch who might pull off the tricky move far better with your partners as soon as their funny went completely wrong.


Doctors to be stunned the part-time dance teacher was still able come walk after ~ the horrifying fallCredit: Kennedy News & Media

Millie Slennett believed she'd pulled turn off the above move before tipping over her boyfriend's shouldersCredit: Kennedy News & Media

The 25-year-old amazingly escaped major injury in spite of snapping she neck backCredit: Kennedy News & Media

The 25-year-old assumed she'd nailed it till she tipped over boyfriend Conner Justin's shoulders, landing on she neck together her body violently folded backwards top top the grass.

Rosie, 19, immediately stopped filming and her terrified family members rushed come Millie's side as she rolled over in the middle of her parents' garden to inspect she could move she limbs.

After being required to hospital in one ambulance ~ attempting the relocate on Christmas Day, physicians watched clip of the incident and were stunned the part-time dance teacher was still able to walk.

Millie post the video clip to Instagram later that night and also hundreds that users have actually been left baffled by how she escaped landing so awkwardly native the 8.5ft loss without major injury.

Footage of fail stunt is for this reason shocking that it left her dad having actually nightmares, and Millie says he has actually vowed to delete it from his phone as the clip has upset the so much.

The lift is well known for its use during the (I've Had) the time Of my Life number in the classic 1987 film Dirty Dancing starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

Grateful Millie has because said she feel "lucky to it is in alive" and also advised partygoers come copy the film by practising the relocate in the water an initial and not v alcohol.

Millie, from southern Narrabeen, Sydney, Australia, said: "We determined to have actually a Dirty dance competition, however Rosie and also her companion didn't gain her foot up at all. They to be terrible.

"She's a fashion designer and I'm a dancer so I assumed we had actually it in the bag. I told Conner he just had to gain my legs up and also push, and also we would get it nice and also straight.

"It all simply went so quickly. Once we were at the top, the felt like we to be holding it because that hours. I had my feet pointed, foot stretched. I believed we'd nailed it.


Millie and boyfriend Conner Justin test the iconic move from Dirty DancingCredit: Kennedy News & Media

The pair attempted the move while having fun on Christmas DayCredit: Kennedy News & Media

"I kept trying to lift my legs greater and then they got over my head. The went indigenous fine to no fine within prefer 0.3 seconds. Ns didn't have actually time come realise i was falling until I hit the floor.

"I rolling onto mine side and also checked the I could move mine fingers and my toes, due to the fact that I knew I'd landing badly and also it ache a lot. Every my household ran around me and also my mum was holding my head.

"It felt choose I had broken all the ribs down my left side. Breathing hurt for this reason much, but I managed to was standing up. I uncovered it funny since when I'm in a most pain I end up laughing instead.

"The first thing i did when I realised someone was filming to be ask to watch the clip to see if we nailed the lift, and when I witnessed it I claimed 'yes, we acquired to the height of it'.

"But 10 or 15 minute after, the pains wasn't getting better so we dubbed an ambulance, and at the hospital I can hear all the physicians walking about asking each other if they'd seen the video.

"They to be coming as much as me saying 'I don't know how you've walked yourself to the ambulance'. Lock were having actually a joke about it due to the fact that I was.

"I recognize I'm for this reason lucky. It can have to be so much worse. I might have snap my neck or done damage to my spine. I could have died.

"I didn't have actually my experienced cap on. We'd had a couple of drinks. However I think having actually some in my mechanism perhaps helped my fall because I to be a tiny bit an ext relaxed."

Rosie's footage shows Millie take it a run-up before leaping into the eight of concerned 6ft 1in Conner, 26, who lifts the outstretched dancer into the air.

The pair, who frequently practice Millie's choreography ideas at home, watch to have pulled turn off the feat until she lifts her legs as well high, tipping her over Conner's shoulders.

The elevator is well known for its usage in the classic 1987 movie Dirty Dancing, starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer GreyCredit: Rex Features
Millie Slennett with her sisters Ellyanne top top Rosie, who she was having actually fun with on Christmas DayCredit: Kennedy News & Media

Within a second she dangerously lands on she neck just prior to the rest of she body crashes down on height of her, seemingly folding her back in two.

She claims she to be in many pain end Boxing Day and was called earlier to hospital for a CT scan the following day wherein it was confirmed she'd escaped any kind of damage various other than bruising.

Millie, who hosts The run Pod podcast, claims the doctors offered the video clip to analyse where she was most likely to have actually been injured most, so she's thankful Rosie caught it all on camera.

She claims there's to be a combined reaction come the video from friends and also others online, and she just realised just how lucky she was after seeing the number of messages the flooded in.

Millie said: "It's been overwhelming just how many people have dubbed to freaking out and also check on me. Some human being find that hilarious. Other world can't watch it and also say they screamed.

"A night or for this reason after, mine dad woke up having actually nightmares about it ending worse. He's quite traumatised by it and keeps saying he needs to delete the video from his phone.

"You hear about these freak mishaps and people never recover, therefore after ns posted the video it type of hit me how lucky ns was."

Millie and doctor Conner had only relocated earlier to her residence city native Perth 2 days prior to Christmas Day, and also Covid restrictions permitted them to visit she parents.

Her bruises have due to the fact that faded and she went back to teach her first dance course of the year critical Friday (January 8) with just a stiff neck.

Millie, who says Dirty Dancing is among her 'favourite films', now thinks it's best to shot the famed lift out in a pool or the sea as characters Johnny Castle and Frances 'Baby' Houseman did.

Millie said: "I most likely wouldn't introduce trying that after a couple of drinks. Definitely shot it in a swimming pool or miscellaneous first.

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"I just wanted it to be perfect directly away however we most likely should have actually practiced and gathered to that. It'll be a while prior to we provide that a go again."

In her Instagram post, Millie said: “Disclaimer - I'm fine, just really stiff and sore. #DancingGirlFail. Had to speak to an ambulance, spent 5 hours in ED v a neck brace, had actually a CT and also got away with simply some poor bruising.”

Danielle Mirosevich replied: "Seriously Mill. I wasn't expecting that and also now I've obtained chills. Happy you're okay."

Lacy Lawless said: "Omg Millie, my toes curled, my ship flipped. Ns shut my eyes. Terrifying."

The video was shared somewhere else online and many doubted whether Millie had actually escaped without major injury or also death.

Mark Sweeney said: "She either damaged her neck or she's covertly Elastagirl."

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