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DirecTV"s "Get Rid that Cable" Commercials room a collection of TV advertisements because that the American satellite TV firm illustrating various theoretical scenarios that cause regrettable misfortunes together a an outcome of cable TV business outage. Because of their far-fetched and highly entertaining premises, the ad campaign spawned fairly a couple of amateur parodies ~ above YouTube because its start in 2012.


In at an early stage January 2012, DirecTV launched a new advertising project dubbed "Get Rid that Cable." created by brand-new York-based advertisement agency Grey new York, the first three commercials because that the satellite TV firm poke fun at several of the most typical frustrations skilled by cable TV subscribers, such as handling the client service and increasing price the cable bills, if encouraging the viewers to switch to DirecTV in stimulate to protect against the problem altogether.

On January 3rd, the an initial installment the the series titled "Don"t wake up Up in a Roadside Ditch" was uploaded to The DirecTV YouTube channel, garnering over a million views within 18 months. On January 22nd, the earliest recognized parody of the commercial was uploaded by YouTuber KartoonManagement in a video clip titled "Don"t obtain Anally Raped."


Throughout January 2012, the start of DirecTV"s ad campaign to be met by optimistic reviews from the market news website AdWeek and also Fierce Cable. Then on march 2nd, DirecTV exit a brand-new commercial title "Platoon" (shown below), within a irritable cable TV subscriber winds up in ~ a bar during happy hours and encounters Charlie Sheen at a Turkish bathhouse.

In the adhering to months, plenty of amateur lay out videos parodying DirecTV"s commercials surfaced on YouTube<7>, and also multi-pane photo macros illustrating comparable scenarios top top Tumblr<8> and also Cheezburger.<9> together of July 2013, a YouTube search for "DirecTV advertising parody" yields around 3,500 videos.

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