Is the man in Love v You enough? Happy Valentine’s Day come Y’all! I’m sure that most of you are excited about what your guy or woman all set for you today. Recognize it or not, We suppose something, somehow when this job comes. In ~ the earlier of our minds, us think that this day is just another day and shot not to expect something however I recognize that a part of us has actually that spark the is excited of what’s in store for us today. Well, why don’t you simply let George Strait repeat you that The male in through You is enough?

Time and again, I have actually heard that it’s better if your partner loves you an ext than friend love them. Carry out you agree v that? It makes me wonder, too, is love measure up by who loves much more in a relationship?

George Strait,

Listening come this 1994 struggle by George Strait reminded me the men recognize they’re most likely not the perfect one because that us. Neither they space superheroes who constantly saves the day. What’s necessary is the they are there whose love is constantly true, the male who’s in love with you.

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I’m no the hero, that will always save the dayDon’t always wear the white hat, won’t constantly know the wayI might not also be the dream, you wanted to come trueBut, I’ll constantly be the male in love with you

How around when the times obtain rough? Don’t you wish because that someone who’s there to help you make it through? Isn’t the what problem more?

When the world won’t turn, the method you wish it wouldAnd the dreams you have don’t come alive, as regularly as they shouldRemember that there’s someone there, whose love is constantly trueI’ll constantly be the male in love v you

Listen and also fall in love v George Strait again with this hit.

So, if your unique someone forgot or haven’t ready anything unique for you today, concern not. I’m sure that the love they have actually for us is just there. They might not to speak it every the time yet I’m certain they make united state feel the in their own little ways. The male in Love with You is the best gift we can obtain not simply today however every day.

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The guy in Love with You

This song was a part of The King’s 1994 album easy Come basic Go. It to be the fourth and last solitary that peaked at No.4 in the U.S. And No. 2 in Canada. The music video clip is one of those singles that had it. It was directed by bill Young.

Larry Flick, of Billboard magazine, reviewed the tune favorably, speak that:

“even up versus a lush wire section and also a mean mess of chord changes, ol’ George remains as cool as a cucumber.”