I am using facing listed below issue while editing and enhancing my node (FYI... Ns am making use of multiple Geolocation field for save my deal with info )

Error or article : "Geocoder failed early out to: OVER_QUERY_LIMIT "

i am no sure how to resolve this one thus my couple of save data is going away .

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If utilizing Google, friend are probably running into an API ask limit. This issue enables working in ~ the limits of the limit.


Hi anythingtech.

I realize this is a rather dated issue yet I"m curious if you ever resolved it.

I"m even much more curious if you resolved it every while still using the 7.x-1.2 variation of geocoder?

I"ve inherited part code and also I"m running into a comparable issue and I"m thinking it"s simply due to the fact that I should update come the latest variation (where an API an essential is required) in order to get about it.



After google latest policy you have to gain yourself a key in stimulate to use its geocoding services.However the geocoder_autocomplete.module demands to be patched to usage that key.See mine geocoder_autocomplete_autocomplete role which uses that vital and works.

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function geocoder_autocomplete_autocomplete($string = "") $matches = array(); if ($string !== "") $query = array( "address" => $string, "language" => $GLOBALS<"language">->language, "sensor" => "false", ); $key = variable_get("geocoder_apikey_google", FALSE); if (!empty($key)) $query<"key"> = $key; $url = "https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/json?" . tastecraftedmcd.com_http_build_query($query); $response = tastecraftedmcd.com_http_request($url); if (empty($response->error)) $data = json_decode($response->data); if ($data->status == "OK") foreach ($data->results as $result) if (!empty($result->formatted_address)) $matches<$result->formatted_address> = "
" . Check_plain($result->formatted_address) . "
"; tastecraftedmcd.com_json_output($matches);
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