Opportunity fund is a philanthropic fellowship regime that gives hands-on education, mentorship, and also career opportunities to underrepresented groups across the globe.




Individuals, corporations, and also foundations fund fellowships because that underrepresented teams they wish to support, producing their own varied pool that employable talent.

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Fellowships provide transformative hands-on an abilities training and also job opportunities, immersing college student in a supportive neighborhood of other creators and practitioners.

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Opportunity fund Fellows volunteer through a range of non-profit partners. By share their brand-new skills, Fellows assist build and also educate communities approximately the world.

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Education, careers, and opportunities in technology should no be limited to any kind of one demography or sector. We want to ensure the anyone who is ready to occupational hard and also follow their passions has a chance at a systematic career pursuing job-related they love.

- Matthew O Brimer, Co-Founder at basic Assembly

come be considered for opportunity Fund, a student should be accepted to one of the following:

a full-time on-campus role playing game the part-time virtual HTML, CSS & Web architecture course the part-time online Data analysis course

Please note that all students interested in one Opportunity fund scholarship must speak v a general Assembly admissions producer to apply. You can not self-enroll in opportunity Fund. Upon acceptance to a course students have to ask their admissions producer because that a fellowship applications if interested.

All Opportunity money candidates must have work authorization in their nation of study.

Opportunity money fellowships are currently accessible for the courses noted below:


Danielle Dynes

Danielle did high quality assurance in ~ The space before becoming a jar UX expert. She aims to increase diversity tech. Volunteer: black Girls Code

User Experience style Immersive

Jerome Hardaway

Jerome is a veteran from Memphis who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was the an initial in his course to land a job. Volunteer: FRAGO

Web development Immersive

Ivette Addington

Ivette operated in sales before coming to be a web developer. She desires to rise the variety of Latina women in tech. Volunteer: Girls that Code

Web development Immersive

Francis Castillo

Francis transitioned his experience in financial services to come to be a developer at a fin-tech startup in NYC. Volunteer: CodeNow

Web development Immersive

Rose Kue

Rose is complementing her background in nonprofit neighborhood engagement with fresh UX design an abilities to range social impact. Volunteer: C/I

User Experience design Immersive

Kay Hudson

Kay, a veteran and self-taught HTML/CSS hobbyist, was working as a business & mechanism analyst. She is now a full-stack developer. Volunteer: Hack the Hood

Web development Immersive

Alexandra Ackerman

Alexandra functioned in journalism and storytelling and is currently a full-stack developer because that an art occasions network. Volunteer: Coder Dojo

Web development Immersive

Liza H Ramo

Liza switched native marketing to end up being a developer at an international financial company. Volunteer: CodeNow

Web advance Immersive

Patrick Karsh

Patrick was a teacher and also served in the marine for 5 years prior to pursuing a career in an innovation as a CTO of a startup. Volunteer: ScriptEd

Web breakthrough Immersive

About opportunity Fund

Our vision at general Assembly is to develop a global community of individuals empowered come pursue job-related they love. That is in the context of the vision the we’re happy to support Opportunity money — a brand-new scholarship routine designed to facilitate a an ext diverse ar of experienced creators in the technology industry.We are partnering with some of the most prominent people and also companies this day to market scholarships because that the entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers of tomorrow.

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General Assembly is a pioneer in education and also career transformation, specializing in today’s many in-demand skills. The leading resource for training, staffing, and career transitions, us foster a flourishing neighborhood of specialists pursuing careers lock love.


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