The battle of Thermopylae between a little force several thousand Spartans and their Greek allies versus an overwhelming military from Asia under Persian King Xerxes command in 480 BC is called by the lone surviving Greek a squire named Xeones. Xerxes is the ambitious heir, boy of Darius the former an excellent ruler the the Persian Empire, wishing to build his very own glorious heritage through conquest of the Hellenic nations who have gone to war through Persia for thousands of years. V a narrative that jumps front and back in time throughout, Xeones start his story in his childhood prior to he discovered servitude together the valet that a young Spartan warrior called Alexandros. At the period of ten he and also his larger cousin Diomache are orphaned as soon as their households are slain through raiders native Argos. They take to the hills along with a trusted household slave trying just to survive. In the course of their wandering over numerous years, the is captured stealing and also has his hand nailed come a board, she is corridor raped by soldiers, and their servant dies of hardship and old age. At some point Diomache is bring away in to it is in a maid of a well-off Athenian matron, if Xeones follows his dream to one day serve in the Spartan army.Click right here to see the rest of this testimonial

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Continuing his narration in gut-wrenching detail to King Xerxes, Xeones tells of the harshness the Spartan warrior training and also the rigors inserted upon the men who room soldiers for life. Dozens of warriors and also their squires are introduced consisting of champion of the gamings Polynikes, battle-scarred veteran Dienekes, and also the father and son duo the Olympieus and Alexandros. Countless years pass and also Xeones has actually taken a wife and has a son. Together the impending Persian invasion draws near Spartan King Leonitas decrees that 300 peers will certainly be favored to lead the defense of greece at Thermopylae however only those having actually sired male offspring may have the respect of serving. Finding most of her allies have actually fled or joined the Persian side, the Spartan pressure will be joined by just a couple of thousand extr Greek warrior to confront the report 2 million approaching adversary troops. Xeones tells of heroism the the Greeks versus staggering odds throughout his 7 days at Thermopylae. The story also intertwines Xeones never dying love for his lengthy lost cousin as well as the incredible strength of the females of Sparta who need to watch as fathers, husbands and also sons march off to the confront death in the defense that country and family.
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Plot & Themes

Tone the book? - upbeatTime/era of story - ancient GreeceLife the a profession: - soldierEthnic/Regional/Religion - GreekIs this one adult or child"s book? - Adult or Young Adult BookJob/Profession/Status story - YesEthnic/regional/gender life - Yes

Main character

Gender - MaleProfession/status: - slaveAge: - 20"s-30"sEthnicity/Nationality - Greek


How lot descriptions the surroundings? - 8 ()Europe - YesEuropean country: - GreeceAsia/Pacific - YesAsian country: - The "stansIce Caps/Sea? - YesMountains/Cliffs - YesMountains: - rise on trails - falling off - climbing through ropesMisc setting - fort/military installation

Writing layout

Sex in book? - YesWhat type of sex: - Boob talk! - Vagia talk! - Weiner talk! - rape/molestLot of foul language? - YesAmount that dialog - significantly more descript than dialog

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