7.1-megapixel CCD captures sufficient detail for photo-quality 15 x 20-inch prints2.5-inch LCD screen; 10x optical zoom, 48x Total zoomMovie mode at 30fps via sound in Motion JPEG (.AVI) formatPicture Stabilization mode; Mode Dial for ease of useCompatible with SD and also xD media cards

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When human being view my images and also go WOW and also then ask what video camera I have actually... I contact it a "wannabe dslr" or "choose a dslr" greatly because it looks favor one.. yet additionally because when people are shocked over my photos, they mean me to say some elaborate DSLR electronic camera, yet then I mention this electronic camera and they just provide me a weird head tilt not sure what to say in response look. It"s type of an underdog electronic camera, but it has several pros and also cons, and if you recognize exactly how to occupational it"s pros, you have the right to take some seriously cool pictures.Pros:* Getting cheaper every year* Has great zoom lens* If you set to "super macro" it can focus on pretty a lot anypoint no matter how cshed you gain it to the lens (my favorite option)* Takes excellent photos through flash* Stores images fast* Uses normal sd cards!* Looks attrenergetic, world take it significant once they view it* Has normal tripod screw hole underneath* Decent display* Lots of fun menu choices and settings* Lots of different modes to set video camera in* Point and also shoot! This can likewise be a con, some human being don"t like allude and shoot. I carry out, so for me that"s a Pro! I like that I don"t need to spend 20 minutes to erected for a single swarm, I don"t have actually that type of time.Cons:* Grainy photos unmuch less offered via adequate light.* Getting old* Only 7.1mp (which for me is plenty, however you could be a megapixel nut and also desire more)* Is not dslr* I don"t think it supports SD HC so you can"t usage bigger than 2gb memory cardsMy favorite shooting settings to use through this video camera are: Anti-shake, 2 shots at one time (one with flash, one without flash), and also Macro/Super Macro. One unfortunate thing is when you"re in Super-Macro mode it will not allow you to usage flash, most likely bereason this washes out the subject completely. A workapproximately for this is to use a flashlight or even your cell phones light if you have actually one that you have the right to turn on. That"s what I carry out, I gain real cshed to my subject, rotate on my Android"s light, and I breathe life and color right into my photos that means.I have actually owned 4 fujifilm finepix cameras, some newer than this model, and I have to say.. they nailed it with this s700, some of their newer models have actually even more megapixel, yet something happened to the way it procedures the photo and also it actually looks WORSE. I noticed other civilization felt the same method as I was reading on some forums. Many kind of human being said they wished they just had actually their s700 earlier. The s700 will certainly always be my favorite fujifilm finepix cam, which is why I bought it aget on tastecraftedmcd.com and also am right here reviewing it. I lost my last one at the bar and also I can"t live without this electronic camera in my life. Stupid alcohol.