"Fuck it all. Fuck this world. Fuck whatever that you stand for. Don't belong. Don't exist. Don't give a shit. Don't ever before judge me." -Slipknot

This can not sound therefore motivational on the surface but for someone that battles v worrying what others think, it's top top point. Certainly has helped me end the last 18 years.

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I gain it, yet I can't was standing the truth that the quote is telling the listener to "Fuck whatever YOU stand...", "Don't this", "Don't that", then randomly they switch their suggest of view with the really last statement, a very first person "me".

They should have actually finished with "Don't ever let anyone judge you" or something similar. Glad it's helped you the end though; an ext power come ya!

I check out your point, specially once the chorus that the tune is post without any context.

"Running out of means to operation I can't see, i can't it is in Over and also over and under my skin all this fist is act me in!"

Not certain if the opened verse prior to the chorus makes a distinction here but seeing a bigger item of the picture might change your opinion a bit.

To have actually a job, a partner, a degree, a car, one apartment, etc. Way someone has to judge whether you're trustworthy, or capable, or sociable, etc. Otherwise why the fuck would anyone ever trust you, pay you, hire you, provide you a loan, rent an apartment to you, day you, etc.?You desire the great things in life, or even just the common things? get over this hangup. Be reasonable, friendly, hard-working, earnest and also you'll it is in judged "good enough."Oh you desire more? Then shot harder and win over those that will judge you harder, yet reward you more.

I see what you room saying yet my interpretation of that part is "don't referee me without getting to understand me"? all the points you mentioned have tangible measures. Girlfriend would have actually to gain to recognize that person, talk to them, understand their elevator etc....i don't really call that "judging" but that can be semantics.

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