FLINT — Baker College has announced the appointment of Cleamon Moorer Jr., DBA, of grand Blanc, as dean of the college of Business.

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“Dr. Moorer is a uniquely gifted and energetic enhancement to Baker College,” claimed Bart Daig, Ph.D., Baker College system president and CEO. “He is a collaborator, a cursed educator and mentor, and also he understands firsthand the challenges associated with follow college and career.”

Baker university offers business programs at every of the on-ground campuses and also online. Students deserve to earn bachelor’s and also associate degrees and certificates. Baker Online/Center for Graduate Studies additionally offers master’s and also doctoral degrees in business.

Moorer, a native of Detroit, was previously dean that the institution of organization at Madonna university in Livonia, and also has organized positions as a professor, lecturer, administration consultant, company executive and also telecommunications engineer.

An achieved writer, Moorer is the writer of “From failure to Promise: 360 Degrees,” the inspirational autobiographical story of how he overcame flunking the end of college to become an engineer, university professor and also dean. That has additionally published one more book as well as multiple scholastic journal articles.

As someone that shares Baker College’s appointment to offer the neighborhood communities, Moorer gives earlier through his charity, Dr. C. Moorer & Associates Inc., an company that provides scholarships and also grants come students and educators.

“Baker university is a an excellent environment because that those who space committed to greater education and also community revitalization,” said Moorer. “I am looking forward to proceeding the objectives of the university of business at every of our campuses.”

In 2015, Moorer obtained the spirit of Detroit award from the City the Detroit Council and also was well-known in “40 under 40” by the Michigan Chronicle and also the Network Journal-NYC, and DBusiness Magazine’s “30 in your Thirties.” the was additionally included in the Crain’s Detroit

Business 2014

“40 under 40.”

Moorer holds a bachelor’s level in management from Kettering University, an MBA and a grasp of science in management and also organizational actions from Benedictine University, and also a medical professional of Business management in management from Argosy University.

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For an ext information around Baker College company programs, contact the admissions office at 810.766.4000 or kevin.pnacek
baker.edu or visit www.baker.edu.

The biggest private college in Michigan, Baker university is a not-for-profit greater education school accredited by the higher Learning Commission. Founded in 1911, Baker College sponsor doctoral, master’s, bachelor’s and also associate degrees, and also certificates in diverse scholastic fields consisting of business, health and wellness sciences, engineering, information technology, education and also human services. Baker College has on-ground campuses in Michigan and also Pennsylvania, and offers digital programs that can be completed 100 percent digital without ever visiting a campus. In 2016, the Online finding out Consortium well-known Baker college Online through the OLC quality Scorecard Exemplary Endorsement, the highest possible ranking for online higher education programs. Because that information, visit www.baker.edu or monitor Baker college on Twitter,