This page consists of information for the search Friendship's early in the game The outer Worlds. Review on come learn an ext about the quest's objectives, rewards, outcomes, and how to acquire them.

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Friendship"s Due"Clyde Harlow, an old friend of Felix indigenous his early on days top top the Groundbreaker, wants to satisfy him in person. Harlow told Felix he desires him to be a part of a revolutionary project." Quest form Planet ar Companion Quest - The Unreliable

Possible Rewards

help Ellie claim her own insurance EXP Bits items call
Harlow"s Emblem

How come Unlock Friendship"s Due

You deserve to unlock this quest by talking to Felix within The Unreliable.

Quest Objectives

Bring Felix to fulfill with Harlow

"Felix desires to meet Harlow in person. Take trip to his landing pad ~ above Scylla to have actually a chat v him."

After talking to Felix within The Unreliable, head over to Harlow"s basic at Scylla and talk to Harlow within his base.

Find Trask

"Harlow said you the if Felix wants a location on his crew, he must prove himself by death a traitor called Rufus Trask. He wants you to discover Trask, and also take his ring."

Once you space done speaking to Harlow within of his base, he must have given you a job to find and also kill Trask, a previous informant the his. To finish this objective, head end to the Groundbreaker and talk come Rosana in order to find out Trask"s location.

Confront Trask

"Trask is hiding in Emerald Vale."

When you have actually learned the Trask"s whereabouts, girlfriend now have to go come Emerald Vale in bespeak to attend to Trask. When handling Trask, you can either death him directly or preventive him and also get his ring.

You can additionaly obtain his next of the story accusing Harlow of being the genuine traitor in his gang and getting some evidence for it.

(Optional) discover Trask"s Stashed Evidence

"Task stated he stashed evidence against Harlow in a vent ago in Harlow"s base. It might be worth a look."

If you have listened come Trask"s side of the story, you will certainly be give this optional objective to get additional evidence on accusing Harlow together the real traitor the his gang.

You can find the proof by complying with the quest marker presented on her HUD in ~ Harlow"s Base.

Return come Harlow v Felix

"With Trask dealt with, it"s time to return to Harlow."

When you go back to talk with Harlow in his base, you have the right to either suspicion him of being the real traitor or enable him come live while conspiring through The Board.

If you accuse him of gift a traitor he will come to be aggressive come you and also you may be required to kill him depending upon your options in the conversation.

Speak through Felix top top the Ship

"You confronted Harlow around Trask. Felix would favor a word with you."

Once girlfriend have faced Harlow, you might now go back to your ship and talk come Felix to obtain your rewards and the pursuit will immediately finish.

Best Choice

The best selection to execute in this quest is to learn Trask"s side and also accuse Harlow of gift the real traitor then death him for being one. Both choices in the pursuit will still give you the very same rewards.

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Friendship"s Due Clyde Harlow, an old girlfriend of Felix from his beforehand days top top the Groundbreaker, wants to fulfill him in person. Harlow called Felix he desires him to it is in a component of a revolutionary project.

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