Visit one of our two locations servicing Maury, Williamson, and surrounding counties. We are motivated by one purpose, to save lives. If you would like more information about our Free Ultrasound services, how you can help, or you would simply like to reach out please feel free to contact our center.

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Our clinics offer free services for mothers in need of financial support or emotional guidance because it is the right thing to do. We believe that arming women – and men – with accurate information is paramount to the decision-making process. For many first time moms, pregnancy testing and access to an ultrasound are an opportunity to affirm life. Pregnancy often does not feel “real” until you see the life inside of you, and witnessing the early stages of your baby’s life can help you form the foundation of the bonds of parenthood.

If you think that you are pregnant and would like an ultrasound, you may have an opportunity to hear your baby’s heartbeat, which is possible as early as six weeks. By this stage, their hearts have formed into four distinct chambers and is hard at work pumping blood and oxygen throughout their body. Your baby’s heart is working so hard, in fact, that it pulsates at an amazing 110 beats per minute. If you receive your ultrasound at eight weeks, their heartbeat can be twice as fast as yours. Keep in mind, however, that some babies are shyer than others, and if their back is turned during the ultrasound, it might be difficult to hear. This does not mean that anything wrong. Our registered nurses and sonographers can answer any questions you have during the ultrasound and set your mind at ease.

At around 20 weeks, your OB/GYN will likely schedule a follow-up ultrasound. During this visit, you can clearly see your baby’s continued growth.

Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee offers free pregnancy tests to all women regardless of age, marital status, religion, or income. We believe that all life is precious and that all babies deserve the best possible care right from the very beginning. All pregnancy testing and free ultrasounds are done without judgment in a caring and confidential environment.

Once you have had your ultrasound, Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee can help you prepare for your upcoming addition. With no-cost financial courses, parenting classes, and support groups, you will have access to the best and most up-to-date information on pregnancy and child-rearing. Our staff and volunteers are here for you.

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Dads to be, we have not left you out either. We have resources that can help you make it through this exciting (and nerve-wracking) time. Are wondering “where can I get Pregnancy counseling near me?” You are welcome to attend your girlfriend’s free ultrasound and can schedule a counseling session together to talk about your feelings. Whether this was a planned or unplanned pregnancy, Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee can offer you more information on your options.

What about Fathers-to-be?

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Our Free Services Include


Pregnancy testing

Assistance for mother and child

In-depth parenting classes

Pregnancy education

Free ultrasounds

Pregnancy crisis support

An ultrasound is a simple, non invasive, imaging procedure. An ultrasound machine uses ultrasonic sound waves to build an image of what is inside your uterus. It can be used to tell you the placement and size of the fetus and use that to estimate the number of weeks you may be pregnant.

An Ultrasound Machine transmits high-frequency sound wave pulses into your body using a hand held probe. The sound waves travel through your body, interacting with tissue. Depending on the density of the tissue (muscle vs fat) the waves reflect back at different times. The probe picks up the return and is interpreted by the Ultrasound machine. The different distances and intensities of the echoes is interpreted and formed into an 2d image representation of the underlying tissues.


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Columbia and Spring Hill Services

All services are provided free of charge

Post-abortion peer counseling

Speakers for churches and civic organizations

Material assistance for mother and baby (Columbia only)

Parenting classes

Prenatal and childbirth education

Free pregnancy testing

Life affirming limited free ultrasounds

Accurate and complete information on pregnancy, parenting, adoption, abstinence, and abortion;