Fraternal bespeak of PoliceSan Francisco bay Area Fraternal bespeak of Police Lodge #17Post Office box 2221 - Oakland, California 94621-0121Phone:510-483-8858Clayton A. Harmston – President

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President’s Report – October 14, 2021

Brothers and also Sisters that Lodge 17,

Survivors of Blue SuicideFostering hope by uniting survivors of legislation enforcement suicide to assistance one another and also honor ours fallen heroe...

Supporting our members is in ~ the core of ours organization. We space fortunate to have disaster assistance easily accessible from our state lodge and also the national lodge. Wildfires are currently a yearly occurrence, and also we have actually been maybe to help lodge members affected by these disasters. The FOP looks the end for that is members by widening legal defense. A new benefit of the legit defense setup offers coverage for retired law enforcement policemans who lug concealed weapons. This option covers criminal and also civil claims and also is unlimited coverage for $75 a year! please visit the FOP website and also click on the legal defense tab to discover out more.I am looking front to our basic membership conference on October 14, 2021, in ~ Mary"s Pizza Shack in Novato. Please consider joining us if you are able. Our conference is terrific opportunity to acquire to know new members and have a an excellent lunch together.

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Please continue to be safe and keep our legislation enforcement police officers in her thoughts.Clayton Harmston – president SF only Area Lodge 17Oro en paz, Fierro en guerra

Secretary’s Report – October 14, 2021Since our last basic membership meeting held on July 8th, 2021the SFBAFOP17 has actually regained some of the losses and also recovered from challenges from unfortunate and unprecedented results of the Covid-19 pandemic.Law Enforcement in general is quiet under assault from many directions and also we space fortunate to have actually the Fraternal stimulate of Police in our edge to safeguard our rights and also work in the direction of equality and respect.The SFBAFOP17 many thanks you because that your ongoing support and enthusiasm for the FOP and also the CAFOP and also for the work-related that continues.The Fraternal bespeak of Police is the largest law enforcement labor company on the planet with an ext than 355,000 members.With this report girlfriend will discover your 2022 Update and Renewal type and a self-addressed envelope for you to return your 2022 dues and information.Please send a $50.00 check (no rise for 2022) and the update type (even if your details remains the same) earlier to me as soon as you have the right to so that your membership continues to be uninterrupted.Your member in the FOP runs from January 1stthrough December 31stof any kind of given year yet during the first part the 2021 I received several (many) requests from members who failed come renew and also then might not renew their FOP LDF or various other insurance policies.You should be a current member of a neighborhood lodge the the FOP come qualify because that the countless benefits offered through the FOP.Although you may have over two months to renew your FOP membership from the moment you obtain this, prefer the DMV that sends out registration rebirth notices months in breakthrough I imply that if you arrangement on staying a member the the SFBAFOP17 girlfriend renew as soon asyou have the right to (upon receipt) so that your membership regeneration does not gain lost in the “inbox”.There are brand-new benefits readily available by the FOP that deserve to be uncovered at FOP.net.There is also a cost-free FOP “app” obtainable through your Google Play keep or apple Store.Frequent updates to your easily accessible benefits are published on this app and current news and also information native the nationwide FOP.Your Lodge president Clayton Harmston and also member Chahmal Kerow to visit the nationwide Fraternal stimulate of Police Conference in Indianapolis Indiana representing Lodge 17.Many essential fiscal decisions space made during this essential conference and also the National leadership of ours order is elected.Taking time from their jobs and families to stand for you shows the dedication that your SFBAFOP17 management possesses.A member that CAFOP17 unfortunately shed his house in the Calder Fire which completely destroyed the town of Grizzly Flats in El Dorado County.I reached out come our member and I am right now assisting in obtaining financial aid as the lost whatever in the fire.Escaping during the evacuation with just his truck and also pet dogs, we are assisting him as much as we have the right to through this unfortunate disaster.The CAFOP and also the nationwide FOP have disaster programs in place which space a part of the benefits of membership.I hope that this find you healthy and also well and our next regularly scheduled basic membership conference is October 14, 2021 in ~ Mary’s Pizza Shack in Novato.Although attendance is no mandatory you are invited come attend and also meet the management of your SFBAOP17.Until then i am available to you via e-mail and phone.That said, if i don’t prize the phone in human please leaving a post with her phone number and also I will certainly get earlier to you.Woz...Michael J. WozniakSecretary and also Trustee SFBAFOP17Past chairman SFBAFOP17