2. Deliberate induction of trance with the help of Akasa 3. Mastering the aspects with an individual ritual from Akasa action VI ~ Magic physical Training

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Transcription that Initiation right into Hermetics

2 The heart 14. The Mental plane 15. Fact 16. Faith 17. God 18. Asceticism component II: PracticeStep i ~ Magic psychological Training 1. Thought control, self-control of thoughts, subordination the thoughts step I ~ Magic Psychic cultivate 1. Introspection or self-knowledge 2. Make of the black & white winter of the heart Step ns ~ Magic physics Training 1. The material or carnal body 2. Secret of breath 3. Aware reception of food 4. The magic the water step II ~ Magic psychological Training 1. Autosuggestion or the mystery of subconsciousness 2. Concentration practice a. Visual b. Hear c. Sensory d. Olfactory e. Taste action II ~ Magic Psychic cultivate 1. Magic-Astral balance v respect to the elements 2.

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3 Transmutation or refinement the the soul a. By hit or regulate b. By auto-suggestion c. Through transmutation action II ~ Magic physics training 1. Conscious pore breath 2. Conscious position of the body 3. Body manage in daily life, at will action III ~ Magic mental Training 1. Concentration that Thoughts through 2 or 3 senses at as soon as 2. Concentration top top objects, landscapes, areas 3. Concentration on pets & humans Step III ~ Magic Psychic maintain 1. Inhaling of the facets in the entirety body a. Fire b. Air c. Water d. Planet Step III ~ Magic physical Training 1. Retaining of step I, which has to become a habit 2. Build-up of critical power a. Through breathing through the lungs & pores in the whole body b.

4 In various parts of the human body 3. Impregnation of space for reasons of health, success, &c. 4. Bio-magnetism action IV ~ Magic psychological Training 1. Transplantation of consciousness a. into objects b. into pets c. into human beings Step IV ~ Magic Psychic maintain 1. Build-up of aspects a. In the entirety body b. In solitary parts of the human body 2. Production of element-harmony in areas of the body action IV ~ Magic physical Training 1. Rituals & their useful applicability a. Gesticulations b. Bearings (Asanas) c. Postures that the fingers (Mudras) action V ~ Magic mental Training 1. An are magic action V ~ Magic Psychic training 1. Forecast of aspects outward a. V one s very own body, gathered through the solar plexus b.

5 built up through the hands 2. Outside projection without passing through the body step V ~ Magic physical Training 1. Ready for passive communication with the invisible ones a. Release of the very own hand b. Ready of the finger with assist of the pendulum, &c 2. Passive Communication: a. Through the own guardian genius b. With deceased civilization & other beings action VI ~ Magic psychological Training 1. Meditation ~ above the very own spirit 2. Becoming conscious of the senses in the spirit Step vi ~ Magic Psychic cultivate 1. Preparation to grasp the Akasa rule 2. deliberate induction of trance v the aid of Akasa 3. Mastering the aspects with one individual routine from Akasa action VI ~ Magic physics Training 1.

6 deliberate development of beings: a. Elementals b. Larvae c. Phantoms step VII ~ Magic psychological Training 1. Evaluation of the spirit with respect to the practice Step VII ~ Magic Psychic cultivate 1. Breakthrough of the astral senses v the help of aspects & fluid condensers: a. Clairvoyance b. Clairaudience c. Clairsentience step VII ~ Magic physical Training 1. Development of elementaries by different methods 2. Magic computer animation of pictures Step VIII ~ Magic psychological Training 1. Preparation for mental wandering 2. Practice of psychological wandering: a. In the room b. Brief distances c. Visits to friends, relatives, &c. Action VIII ~ Magic Psychic cultivate 1. The great moment of currently 2. No clinging come the previous 3.

7 Concentration disturbances as a compass of the magic equilibrium 4. Mastering the electrical & magnetic fluids step VIII ~ Magic physics Training 1. Magic influence through the aspects 2. Fluid condensers: a. Straightforward condensers b. Compound condensers c. Fluid condensers for magic winter d. Ready of a magic mirror with fluid condensers step IX ~ Magic psychological Training 1. Practice of clairvoyance v magic winter a. Seeing v time & room b. Far-off effect with magic winter c. Various tasks of estimate through the magic mirror step IX ~ Magic Psychic training 1. deliberate separation the the astral body from the product body 2. Impregnation the the astral body through the 4 divine fundamental qualities action IX ~ Magic physical Training 1.

8 therapy of the sick v the electromagnetic fluid 2. Magical loading of talismans, amulets & jewel 3. Wish realization through electromagnetic balls in Akasa ( volting ) step X ~ Magic mental Training 1. Elevation of the heart to higher levels step X ~ Magic Psychic training 1. Aware communication through the personal God 2. Interaction with deities &c. Step X ~ Magic physics Training 1. Several methods for gaining magic faculties EpilogTop ~ home ~ magazine ~ stimulate ~ Links residence ~ directory ~ stimulate ~ web links Initiation into Hermetics through Franz Bardon Foreword Introduction part I: Initation ns ~ TheoryPicture that the Magician 1. Around the facets 2. The rule of Fire 3. The rule of Water 4.

9 The principle of air 5. The principle of planet 6. The light 7. Akasa or the Ethereal principle 8. Karma, the legislation of cause & result 9. Male a. Diet 10. The Material airplane 11. The heart or the Astral body 12. The Astral plane 13. The spirit 14. The Mental aircraft 15. Truth 16. Religion 17. God 18. Asceticism component II: practice ForewordThere is no doubt that every one who has been searching for the true and authentic cognition,in vain sought years, if not even for a lifetime, to uncover a reliable method of training. Theardent desire because that this noble aim made people again and also again collect a massive of books, fromnear and far, supposed to be the ideal ones, yet which were lacking a an excellent deal because that realpractice.

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10 not one, however, of all the seekers can make any type of sense from every the stuffcollected in the course of time, and also the goal aimed at so fervently vanished an ext and more innebulous distances. Listed the one or the various other did begin to work on the progression afterinstructions so extremely praised, his an excellent will and diligence never saw any practical native that, nobody could reliably answer to his pressing questions, whether or not justthis way he had selected, was the correct one for his individual case. Just currently Divine Providence made decision to aid all those seekers who have actually been searchingwith hard endurance to find method and ways for their spiritual development. With thisbook universal techniques are offered into the hand of mankind by a highest possible initiate who waschosen by divine Providence for this special task.