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Crazy Hours, Color Dreams, Cintree Curvex



Water DamageFull Component CoverageBroken or Scratched CrystalLost & Damaged Diamonds & GemstonesNormal Wear & Tear DamageMechanical or Structural FailureParts & Labor for Covered Repairs

All extended repairs are totally consisted of with the Timeitem Protection Plan, and also we will certainly replace any kind of watch that cannot be repaired.

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Service RequiredManufacturer PricingTimeitem Protection Plan
Diamonds & GemstonesPer Current MarketNo Cost
Damage Overhaul$150 - $1,000No Cost
Reend up Case & Bracelet$75 - $350No Cost
Rearea Crown$35 - $300No Cost
Replace Sapphire Crystal$75 - $450No Cost
Replace Strap$25 - $350No Cost
Calibration & Cleaning$50 - $400No Cost

Authorized Retailer

With over a century of purveying, keeping and marketing fine watches, has an unmatched prowess in the people of timekeeping. Our professionals are right here for you eextremely action of your journey, from helping you discover your perfect timepiece to offering organization and also repairs. When you buy your watch from, you sign up with a tradition of watch enthusiasts who save the history of horology alive.

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5-Year Warranty

Enjoy guaranteed defense from With Each Other with the standard manufacturer’s warranty and also the free warranty, this watch is guaranteed coverage for as much as five years. This exclusive guarantee is reserved for new watches purchased at

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