South Park: The broken But Whole features three fart-based abilities, through Time Fart Pause, Time Fart Summon and Time Fart shift each enabling the player to bending time in bespeak to acquire an benefit both versus your adversaries or to use while wandering roughly South Park.

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The complying with Time Fart abilities allow you come unlock new areas in south Park’s open world, resolve puzzles or assist you loss your opponents in combat. Take it a look in ~ what you’ll have to do come unlock them, and what new powers they’ll provide you once you obtain your hand on them:


South Park: The broken But entirety Time Fart Glitch Guide

You’ll unlock Time Fart Glitch beforehand in the game, through you gaining access to it throughout the mission in i beg your pardon you chase Classi with the Italian restaurant. The ability is supplied to either reverse time or put objects the you’ve destroyed or moved earlier into their initial place, thus permitting you come solve brand-new puzzles and also access new areas of south Park. Unfortunately, the relocate isn’t every too beneficial in combat, as while it enables you to successfully reverse or halt one enemy’s attack, this is likewise later achievable using the moment Fart stop move.


South Park: The broken But Whole Time Fart stop Guide

You’ll learn the Time Fart Pause capacity while playing with the story, with Morgan Freeman to teach you a unique recipe the you deserve to use to unlock this power. ~ doing so, Time Fart stop will allow you to reach new areas by method of protecting against dangerous obstacles such as electrified water or turrets, while friend can also use it come catch huge Gay Al’s cat for his side-quest.

Time Fart stop is additionally the most helpful Time Fart capability in combat, through it permitting you to stop time in order to hit your surrounding enemies. That a weak attack, but it can likewise be used to stop your opponent from attack you, making the a very useful move.

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South Park: The broken But Whole Time Fart Summon Guide

Time Fart Summon isn’t unlocked during The broken But Whole’s story, an interpretation that it’s possible to skip over it. Friend may an initial be alerted come it ~ visiting Memberberry Farm, with your Morgan Freeman spirit guide telling you come visit Freeman’s tacos in order to attain the new power.

In order to unlock it, you need to purchase a $30 cacao Memberito cooking recipes from Freeman, before getting her hands on Ms. Cartman’s twin Stuffed Brownies and also a bucket of Memberberry juice. The brownies will be handed to you as part of the ‘Vigilante Marketing’ side-quest, while girlfriend can obtain the Memberberry juice by obtaining the Juicer Crank indigenous the roof of Skeeter’s alcohol Bar, which you will do it then use to fill a bucket through Memberberry juice at Memberberry Farm.

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While this capacity isn’t essential, it’s still comfortable in combat together it allows you to summon a past version of you yourself to struggle by your side. Though this duplicate new Kid won’t critical for an extremely long, they quiet come in handy and also make dealing with larger teams of enemies easier.