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I determined on Mt. Gararea for a couple of reasons. It was the first long group hike for JP Hikers, so I wanted to execute somepoint that was reasonably straightforward given that I wasn’t completely sure around the group’s hiking capacity. I figured Gararea Tr was pretty tame, climbing at a very steady incline until the last half mile. If anyone didn’t feel comfortable, they had several time to realize it prior to we gained to the last ascent to turn approximately. I hear the views on Mt. Gararea are pretty excellent as well, so we were hoping to view some of the various other flags on the bordering peaks. This setup operated out pretty perfectly through the just exception being the weather.


One of the members of the team was having a little trouble and made a decision to turn ago at this suggest. Normally I would certainly be opposed to this given that the ascendancy is to begin and also complete a hike with everyone in the group together, however with his comprehensive endure in the Whites and also correct gear we all decided that it would be okay as long as he was connecting through us. He had actually likewise propelled among the other members of the group, so he planned to hang out and wait for her prior to leaving. I knew that we would see him aobtain prior to the finish of the day, so it made me a little bit more comfortable letting him turn back on his own.

Setting up group hikes is a entirety various animal than simply hiking solo or through friends. Tbelow are so many type of unknowns once hiking via people you’ve never before met or hiked via before. It’s good to fulfill brand-new human being and have brand-new hiking buddies, but sometimes it can be challenging to balance a team via many kind of civilization. Eight world is hands dvery own the the majority of I’ve ever before hiked through prior to and also I have no experience leading team hikes, so I anticipate it being a little bit of a difficulty going forward. Luckily, tbelow are many type of civilization in the JP Hikers team via much even more experience leading than me, so I think they’ll be an excellent resource for me in the coming months.


From tright here we began the quick climb up the summit cone. It was a little steep, but the footing was excellent and also the rocks were inserted so that the step up was never before higher than waist level. Lucy had actually no trouble at all, hopping up on the rocks excitedly. The rain had freaked her out a bit, yet now it seemed prefer she was provided to it. We only remained at the summit for a minute or two, yet unfortunately the flagpole damaged prior to we had actually a opportunity to watch the stars and also stripes flying. Luckily a fellow hiker sent out me some photos thereafter so that we can see the flag up and in all of its glory. We had actually a quick minute of silence, minus the howling wind, to remember everyone who shed their lives in the tragic events of 9/11.


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As we descended alongside the team that brought the flag, I was secretly a tiny sad that I hadn’t signed up to be part of the team this year. Hiking up for the memorial was exceptionally humbling, but I missed really being a part of it like I was last year. Next year I will certainly sign approximately help bring up a flag! The descent was the very same as the ascent, however it went by slowly it felt prefer. That excited anticipation that encourages you to climb up the hill and also reach the summit is gone, however via the trail being fairly tame it wasn’t unpleasant. We met back up with the guy we had been hiking via earlier and also finimelted the descent with him prior to meeting at Black Mountain Burger Company kind of in Lincoln for lunch.

It was one more great hike in the Whites despite the difficult conditions. Unfortunately, I still haven’t seen any type of views on Garfield after this hike, however I’d say that the first JP Hikers 4,000 footer hike was a success! It was excellent hike through some brand-new friends and also an extremely important day to summit a 4,000 footer. Flags on the 48 is an amazing reason and also I’m super excited to hike for Flags aobtain next year.