There have actually been various other Fitbit releases since the Flex yet I view the Alta together its true successor. V a sleek and also customisable straps the Flex and Alta have an ext aesthetic appeal together they monitor your everyday fitness tracking. Yet with a 3 year relax gap in between these two releases, there’s plenty of means these wearables different from one another. So this is my think on the crucial differences between the Fitbit Alta and also Flex activity trackers.

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Alta deserve to tell the time.

It doesn’t sound a big deal, however when you to compare the 2 Fitbit releases, it absolutely changes the way you usage it. I know countless Flex customers who stay the an equipment on one wrist and also a watch on the other. Making use of the Alta together your activity tracker way you deserve to ditch the watch and also just pop on her wearable.

The clock deals with on the Alta are customisable, friend can show the day or secs in a digital design, and choose whether to display screen the time in portrait or landscape check out on the touch insanity display.

Although there’s a clock challenge on the Alta, the wearable doesn’t carry out an task timer, favor the Vivofit 2 and 3 do. Because that measuring circuit maintain activities, set the time to display a secs count. OK, maybe not the ideal approach, however it is an development from the Flex.

More details on her wrist

The Fitbit Flex only display screens the progress towards your daily step target in the form of 5 LED lights on the band. And though it tracks workouts and sleep, the data have the right to only it is in reviewed on the Fitbit app. Designed with tap display, the Alta lets you cycle with a variety of data fields details for today.

total stepsdistance in kilometre or miles (an estimate because there’s no GPS)calorie expenditureactive minutestime that dayalarm if set

All the metrics over are easily accessible to Flex users, yet through the Fitbit app.

SmartTrack top top the Alta

A attribute which first debuted ~ above the Fitbit charge HR, SmartTrack recognises wrist motion patterns and automatically switch them right into exercise entries in your log because that you. A feature obtainable on the Alta however not the Flex

SmartTrack is finest at identify these four activities:

walkingrunningoutdoor bikingelliptical training

There are also two non-specific category which are provided to collect whatever else; aerobic workout and sport. These aid to recognise tasks which absence the repetitive activities of traditional cardio workouts. In theory, whether you’re having a kick around in the park or a spot of circuit training, SmartTrack have to pick up on this motions and register it as activity.

The Alta will should instantly register an task if the detects motion for a minimum the 15 minutes. You deserve to down-weight these setups to 10 minutes, or even increase up to 90 minutes. You can collection thresholds because that each activity type, for this reason you might recognise any run end 10 minutes however only any walk above 45 minutes, which could be handy if you do numerous walking in her job yet don’t these to attribute as workouts.

Once you’ve finished the activity, you deserve to review it on the Fitbit app from her phone and also check the its filtered into the appropriate category.

Inactivity warns on the Alta

Fitbit Flex individuals won’t have access to this next feature. The Alta make the efforts to acquire you to shake off the legs if you’ve walked less 보다 250 steps in a daytime hour; it’s a tiny ask yet quite effective. You’ll feeling a small vibration on the wrist v a persuasive reminder like “Fancy taking me because that a walk?” or “It’s step o’clock”. Fitbit will track how numerous of these hrs you complete with more than 250 steps. Achieve 9 out of 9 hours and also you’ll get a strike through on the line; watch Wednesday above.

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In the Fitbit app, evaluation how countless of the hrs you discussed the 250 action threshold.